Why do people think K-Rod  is so good
yes he has 62 saves but seven blown saves if he didn’t blow
those saves the Angles would have 107 wins. and all a save is
is when you throw an inning and you don’t give up a run. but
a blown save is more important then a save and all a save is
is a hold pretty much. Thats why i don’t have him on my
fantasy team because in my league you lose 30 points for
every blown save. And get 10 for a save. I have brad lidge on
my team and he’s got me with just saves 410 and has almost
100 k’s he’s 2 and o with a 1.95 era. if i had k-rod i would
get me 410 minus 150 because of three L with a higher era.
and less k’s then lidge. (note points very by position)
Another guy to look at is Joakim Soria. He has 42 saves while
only 3 blown saves. a 1.60 era 2-3, with 66 k’s yes that
means the royals have played at least 45 close games and won
and there take a win any way (sorry mom) Also Brad Lidge
should win comback player of the year. he sucked in houston
and is perfect with phillie (which makes me cry as an astro
fan. 2 other guys who have done great for bad teams are
george sherrill with the o’s and francisco cordero with the
reds (why did he sign there?) Also Gagne your out of gas at
like 33 go back to la. 


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