Red Sox in 7

Phillies in 4                                                                            Rays in 4 against White Sox

                                                                                            Rays in 3 against against Twins 

                 Cubs in 5               Red Sox in 7       Red Sox in 6
Cubs in 4                                World Series                                              Red Sox in 4 
Note yes i’m a red sox fan but this is how a picture it as a fan not a Red Sox fan

One comment

  1. mlbmark

    It could happen like that. But it won’t. It’s Shocktober! Too much common-logic in those predictions, if you look at what’s happened this decade. The only plausible part to me is Red Sox winning as a Wild Card, because WCs have such an advantage these days with survivor mindset. Anyway…good luck with your picks! I’d throw more Shocktoberness in there! Maybe Brewers (awesome OCT rotation) over Rays!


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