Hot stove- Astros-Catcher

Astro Catcher 2009

The Astros have a lot of work or no work at all to do here. Brad Ausmus is either going to retire or go to the Padres. While prospects J.R. Towles and Humberto Quintero have shown signs of being ready then stunk again. I think they will use Towles as backup next year and have Qintero the third catcher. 
player                            player                             player
Could risk going for Josh Bard he is inconsistent and injury prone. Could also risk Michel Barrett. Another player who is inconsistent and has anger-mangement problems. could go get vet. Jason Kendall. Not the bat or age they wanted but the leadership, good work with the pitchers, and a decent glove. Paul Lo Duca . . . what ever happened to him he use to be an all-star for the Mets now played for the Nats! Who knew. He could work but had a terrible 08 campaign. Ivan Rodriguez would work. A great glove, leader ship, and a above average bat. Not in their price range though but can afford him. Jason Varitex would work but to risky with a 100 percent down year and to costly. But the leadership and work with the ‘pen and rotation was great like always! Look for him to go back to Boston. Greg Zaun would work. The unknown catcher for the Blue Jays would work. He was with the Astros in 2002 and in 2003 and did pretty good. look for the Astros not to go for him though.
Look for them to go get Puge

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