Dynasty-A.L. East

With all the talk about Jimmie Johnson now being a Dynasty what MLB franchises are Dynasties.

My friends say that Dynasty means “greatness and or older then most other teams, people, etc. that do better then them.”
I think it means “Greatness of a team or individual in consecutive years unless you win at least 7.”
In the dictionary it means 

2. The rule of such a sequence.
So my friends would include the Cubs

I would include the Red Sox

The dictionary would include the Yankees

A.L. East 

Baltimore Orioles 
Won 3 World Series out of 6, not bad for a team 
Yes kids the O’s were good once really all teams were good at one time and stunk once even the yankees stunk once.
Are they a dynasty?- No honestly pretty close just need to stop rebuilding and start competing again need to leave the post Cal Ripken Jr. and Miguel Tejada era(yes they are still in the post Cal Ripken Jr. era, they only have 4 real hall of famers, with Ripken,Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, and Eddie Murray which is great but not dynasty great, because all of them played together with the exception of Ripken. They just need to enter the Adam Jones, Luke Scott, and, Radhames Liz era, win one or two more world series, get a future hall of famer to play for them for at least 7 years, and make the playoffs in 5 consecutive years (I know that’s a lot but their close compared to the Rays and it does not sound that much on paper.) 
Boston Red Sox 
Won 7 World Series out of 11- very good 
Are they a dynasty?-Yes, with 7 titles out of 11 they have to be one. Yes I know the curse of Babe Ruth, but who cares that is with the Yankees now. They also have 9 real hall of famers, Ed Barrow, Wade Boggs, Jimmy Collins, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr, Carlton Fisk, Harry Hooper, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and Cy Young. They were a dynasty early 1900 and entering a new dynasty in early 2000. Most people don’t think they are because they were cursed till 2004, so to change their minds they need to win one or to more world series which will be pretty easy for them. The Red Sox had built a dynasty then after the curse destroyed it they have built the foundation, 2 floors, windows, and doors again next season they will finish the second floor and the third (when I think of building a dynasty i think of building a building that can be a built a thousand stories high or have a thousand lost in one season, but to add windows and doors you need all stars and MVP’s a.k.a. Peedie.)
New York Yankees

Won 26 World Series out of 39
I’m not even gonna go her because it kills me to much and you would have to be very stupid to not think they are a dynasty.
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Just trying to jinks them.
Won 0 World Series out of 1
Are they a dynasty- NO. Only winning 0 world series and only one hall of famer, Wade Boggs, who played with them for only 2 seasons. They can’t be one only playing since 1998 and only having one wining season and no MVP they will be soon with all their young talent but they also need some more vet. leadership. They need an MVP, only 7 world series titles, 15 trips to the playoffs, and 10 trips to the world series. With their team they could be a dynasty by 2025.
Toronto Blue Jays

Won 2 World Series out of 2
Are they a dynasty- no only two world series back to back maybe if they one one in 1994 but still it would be a huge exception to the list of teams that are dynasties. They only have one player to win an MVP but 4 Cy Young winners. They also don’t have any real hall of famers. Paul Molitor who played 3 years, the longest any hall of famer has played with them to be a dynasty they need a 2 more MVP’s, 5 more world series titles or 3 in a row, some hall of famers playing with them wether it is a billion playing just one year or 3 playing 20 years, and retire some numbers the jays only have Jackie Robinson’s number retired.

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