What the #@%&

The top five weird/stupid/smart/I don’t care things that have recently happened

-Yankees may not make Burnett an offer
they need 4 guys to make a good rotation with Chien-Ming Wang
C.C., Derek Lowe (who they won’t get), and Peavy (who I also don’t think they will get).
-Chad Billingsley breaks leg in fall on ice
as much as I want to laugh I won’t because he is great, it hurt and, he is still young.
-the yankees thing above could have gone here to
-Tazawa gets offers from Boston, Atlanta, Texas, and Seattle
Atlanta-smart, need to rebuild their rotation
Texas-smart, almost a future contender
Seatte-stupid!, just because all the japan players wont to play with Ichiro stop going over seas. they need to rebuild. Man seattle sports stink the seahawks stink like the M’s and the Sonics are in OK city
-The Pirates getting two Indian pitchers
they cost was low and they need the media attentionĀ 
-Tim Redding gets toe surgery
A.) who
B.)its toe surgery
D.)he stinks

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