Top 10 who will win what-Day 2

2- Mark Teixeira
Future team- Red Sox
Boston will trade Lowell to the White Sox for prospects and move Youk to 3rd base. Tex’ will cost a lot but can afford him. The Sox rotation will have to be 
1- Dice-K
2- Lester
3- Beckett 
4- Wakefield
5- Michael Bowden/ Clay Buchholz/ Devern Hansack/ David Pauley/ Virgil Vasquez/ Charlie Zink/ Junichi Tazawa
As you see the Red Sox have options


  1. Elizabeth D

    It would be so sad to have to trade Lowell, I personally believe that he can get healthy again and be an important part of our 2009 team. After all, he was the 2007 MVP of our World Series run. We’ll definitely have to look at all the pros and cons of acquiring Teixiera. Also, we should still look into people like Burnett or Derek Lowe. And now that we acquired Ramirez for the bullpen, we could possibly move Masterson up to the starting rotation, but I have to say, I love having him in the bullpen.
    Maybe Buchholz and Bowden can face off during Spring Training.

  2. juliasrants

    I would be VERY disappointed if the Sox traded Lowell. I agree with Elizabeth and believe that he will be healthy next season and will contribute greatly to the team. Keep Lowell & add Lowe and watch out! The Sox will win it all next year!

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