Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 3

I’m sorry I haven’t been bloging the past few days I’ve been helping with thanksgiving lately. But I’m back now so let’s get to it.


Manny Ramirez
Future Team-???
2008 team- Boston/L.A. Dodgers
It kills me to say this but I have no idea where Manny will land, other then not Boston. The Yankees like I have said it before don’t have enough money to get a 5 ace rotation and Manny. I know a guy, Raffi Gross, who played with Manny in the minor leagues along with Willy T., Angel Berroa, and Pujols. Raffi’s carer got derailed by injuries and now is a trainer for kids and teens. He thinks that he will land back in L.A. Manny wants a four year deal to finish off his HOF carer. If I was Manny I would get a 2 year deal in the N.L. then get a 2 year deal in the A.L.Manny should go to Oakland to help there young stars and join Matt Holiday, but Oakland doesn’t have enough money. Look for Oakland to get a contender and sign Furcal. Manny could work with the Rays. He could hate the Red Sox and help the young stars. The only problem is the money. One thing for sure is that Manny will be Manny no matter where he ends up.


One comment

  1. juliasrants

    Oh yes, Manny will always continue to be Manny! I wonder how many teams are willing to put up with him. I don’t see a lot of teams rushing to sign him up. I’m just glad that he won’t be in Boston and I really hope he dosen’t end up as a Yankee!


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