Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 4

I know that I already did day 3 today but I skipped a day I’m going to do day 4 today.



Francisco Rodriguez

2008 Team- Angels

Projected 2009 Team- Mets


K-Rod is the most overated player in baseball. 62 saves yes but 7 blown saves. The save is really a stat of pressure. Closing out a ball game with your team on the line. 62 saves out of 69 means that the Angels played at least 69 close games. The Mets though have money and need the bullpen help. There was a stat in sports Illustrated that said something like if MLB games were 5 innings long the Mets would have had a 16 game lead over the Phillies, 7 innings an 8 game lead, and 8 innings a 6 game lead.If I was the Mets I wouldn’t go after K-Rod I would go after Trever Hoffman. Billy Wagner is out for 2009 so sign Hoffman to a 1 year deal and in 2010 have Wagner back. The Mets just choke when it comes to pressure so getting K-Rod would be a great addition if not a fix.



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