Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 5

Half way through top ten who will win what we go to the city of brotherly love and north of the border.


A.J. Burnett
2008 team- Blue Jays
Projected 2009 team- Phillies
A.J. is going to go to a big market club other then New York and the city of brotherly love is the biggest place he is going to get an offer. The Phillies can afford him with that World Series bonus and left over money from last year. Losing Brett Myers will be big because he provided leadership on and off the field look for the Phillies to get a vet. wether it is a back up or a starter. A.J. will get all the publicity he deserves playing for the defending world champs. The Phillies will have to look out for the Mets though. If the Mets get another ace they can easily match the phillies but position players and utility men will decide the N.L. east. If I was the Phillies I would go get Moises Alou, to proide leadership and depth.

Brett Myers.jpg


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