Be Kind Rewind- Movie Review

Note-reading this will not give the movie away


4 stars out of 5- PG-13

Be Kind Rewind is about two friends who work at a movie rental store, Be Kind Rewind. When Jerry becomes magnetized, he walks in the store one day he demagnetizes (erases) all of the tapes. So when costumers rent tapes the tape is blank. So he and his best friend, Mike set out to refilm or “Sweded” (as they say in the movie) all the movies in the store after Mr. Fletcher, owner of the store leaves on a trip and finds out that the city wants to demolish the old store. The film “Ghostbusters” and “Rush Hour 2” for costumers and while filming “Rush Hour 2” one of their “actors” quits they go to a dry cleaning store and get a random girl, Alma, to be in the movie and work there. Soon people travel from different states to see their movies. When Mr. Fletcher returns he discovers what they have been doing and says they are going to start selling DVDs so he can pay to get a new roof, fire safety, and new plumbing. But Mike, Jerry, and Alma think other wise by making more movies faster by using their costumers to act in their movies. A few weeks later and they have enough money but they get in to some trouble. Lets just say they all have to spend 63,000 years in prison if found guilty. What happens next find out in “Be Kind Rewind.”

I personally liked this movie like the creative plot, it was funny, and the end.


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