Get Smart- Movie Review

Reading this will not give the movie away

5 out of 5 stars- PG-13
Get Smart is the best film I have ever seen and is 100% funny
-Bigpapi72 aka Bob

Get Smart is about Maxwell Smart who works for CONTROL, a secret American intelligence agency, and is their top analyst. When he passes the acceptance test and doesn’t become a field agent he is very sad. But when someone breaks into CONTROL H.Q. a learns the identities of all the agents they have a problem. The people who break in plan to kill the president and give the top dictators bombs. So since they know the identities of every one. CONTROL lets agent 99 who just recently got major plastic surgery and Max who becomes agent 86. When Max gets on a plane he tries to get gum off his shoe but someone thinks it’s a shoe bomb so a cop on the plane arrests him. He latter sky dives into Russia with 99 and a bad guy. They go to a party and 99 dances with a bad guy while Max looks for stuff. Max later dances with a fat girl, where Max relives his past when he lost 150 pounds. Max later finds the computer system after burning him self with lasers. He shoots one of the main bad guys and kills him. I’m not going to fare because this is such a good movie you just have to see it!

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