Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 6

Today we go to L.A. and NYC.

Also I’ve been thinking about doing movie and book reviews in my blog post your comments below about this.


Derek Lowe
-2008 team, Dodgers
-Projected 2009 team, Mets
I’m sorry Red Sox nation but it’s true, Lowe won’t come to Boston. This pick though i’m not so sure about. Lowe wants to come to Boston but won’t because of all the starters that are prospects,¬†Michael Bowden, Clay Buchholz, Devern Hansack, David Pauley, Virgil Vasquez, Charlie Zink, Junichi Tazawa, and Justin Masterson. Lowe though isn’t a traitor to Red Sox Nation. Lowe won’t go to the Yankees, he will hate the Yankees as a Met. Epstein also won’t go after him due to the fact that he likes to draft and play the players not draft and trade, like Dan Duquette, former Red Sox G.M. A better explanation of what I am trying to say is in the book “Dynasty.” The Mets and the Phillies will be head to head next year with a slight edge to the Pillies due to their version of murders row, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley,Jimmy Rolins, Jason Werth, and Shane Victorino. The Phillies do need a decent right fielder though. Look for Lowe to sign a 1 year deal then join Boston (if he still wants to) after Wake retires.¬†



    • bigpapi72

      it must be just u

      i would love to see Lowe back in Boston he still is my favorite player. but epstein wants to have a prospect as the 5th guy and with 8 guys who could contend for that spot you can’t go wrong it would also be more cash efficient. Lowe will be back in Boston in 2010 when Wake retires

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