Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 8

I’m sorry I didn’t do one yesterday. I was finishing a paper for my P.H.D. Today we go from the desert to Canada. 

But before I begin I must say a few things.
1- Congrats ‘Stros on signing Mike Hampton now that his physical is done
2- Peedie signing a deal with Boston. Red Sox ’09 champs!
3- Bob Howry signing with SF congrats dude
4- The Card’s signing Trever Miller
5- I talked to my boy Raffi today, friend of Manny and Pujols, he said Manny will go to whoever shows him the money.
6- Atlanta got Javier Vazquez in a trade yesterday.
7- The M’s inked Russell Branyan
8- The Astros resigned Doug Brocail . . . NOOOOOOOO HE STINKS


Adam Dunn
2008 team- Reds/ D-Backs
Projected 2009 team- Blue Jays
Forget the U.S. economy Toronto isn’t even in America. Yes, I know ever where the economy stinks, but still. Dunn is the kind of bat the Jays need to compete next year. They still need some pitching though, and maybe a little better bench. Dunn strikes out a lot but what he does bad fielding, running, striking out, he makes up for with well I guess only his power . . . okay that was a dumb sentence. If my laptop wasn’t goofed up I would delete that. You see my delete button won’t work. Dunn tries though he doesn’t just play for the money he plays just to play, kinda like J-Bay’s motivation just a little weaker. Dunn will fit in fine with Wells, Rios, Lind, Rolen, and Overbay. If the Jays get a guy like a heathy Mike Hampton along with Dunn the Jays will compete in a tight A.L. East with the Sox, Rays, Yankees, Jays, and by 2010 maybe even the O’s. The Jays will help bring baseball back into Canada. Dunn could really help Rios find his stroke again and help the influence in the club house. Dunn will also D.H., playing in the A.L.
WOW! That who time with out deleting anything!

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