Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 10

Since I skipped a day I will do today and some bonus picks.

But for the top 10 list we go from Texas to Seattle.


Milton Bradley
2008 team- RangersĀ 
Projected 2009 team- MarinersĀ 
Yes it is true Seattle will get some good news and if they don’t Cleveland will. This one was tough to figure out. I narrowed it down to the tribe and M’s but couldn’t go down any more, but just wanted to be nice to Seattle after the Sonics moving and the M’s and Seahawks stink up the league. Bradley will fit fine with either team, only a second for him. In Seattle he will take over for Raul Ibanez and will start in steed of Ben Francisco. Bradley has had problems like anger management to start off with, but I won’t go to far into that. Bradley was the first player ever to injury himself while arguing a call back when he played with San Diego during the Rockies 21 wins out of 22 (as shown below). So maybe if he hadn’t gotten hurt San Diego would have won. One thing is for sure where ever he goes look for Bradley to get into trouble.


Oliver Perez Picture

Oliver Perez- Brewers
Filling in for Sheets no problem . . . filling in for C.C. $ /-/ ! +


Jason Varitex- Red Sox
Red Sox nation can rejoice, but look for him to mentor and train Cash or Salty or ever backs up. Who wouldn’t want a guy who sticks up for Red Sox nation.


Jason Giambi- Rangers
The only team that needs and can sorta afford a juicing, over rated, and slow D.H.

brad ausmus 2006 37821.JPG.jpg

Brad Ausmus- Padres
No duh you would have to be stupid to think he would go any where else


Luis Ayala- any where with a strong pen


Lebron James- Knicks
I know he doesn’t play baseball but come on.

One comment

  1. juliasrants

    If you prediction about Tek is true then you have made my weekend! And that’s what we need of him – not only to be “running” the show next year, but to be training his replacement. From your mouth to the baseball gods ears!


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