Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 9

Sorry I didn’t do one yesterday but I had to get my computer fixed because of the delete key. Anyway we go from LA to OAK today.


Rafael FurcalĀ 
2008 team- Dodgers
Projected 2009 team- A’s
With the Giants signing Edgar Renteria and the tigers eyeing Adam Everett it is a sure bet he will go to Oakland. Furcal will fit in fine with the A’s. Furcal is a little injury prone so look for the A’s to trade Bobby Crosby for a veteran back utility man and a prospect. The Dodgers will sign Orlando Cabrera to replace Furcal. Furcal will sign about a 5 year deal. The A’s will 100% compete with Holiday, Furcal, and all their prospects, but will have to win the wild card with the Angels and maybe even the Rangers out west. Furcal will demand around 20 million. Furcal is though over rated but he will fit fine with the A’s.


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