Top 10 moments of 2008- Part 2

Today we have a comback, a walk off, and more.

Jon Lester’s no hitter


Wow! Lester the emerging ace of the Red Sox is just amazing. Coming back from cancer to win the world series and then throwing a no hitter. I thought he might get a Cy Young vote but I guess I was wrong. Boston now has 3 aces, Beckett, Dice-K, and Lester. I remember going on and learning that Lester was 3 outs away I turned on ESPN and he was 2 outs away. I still remember that call on the TV, “Jon Lester has thrown a no hitter at Fenway! ” Varitex now had caught four no hitters (another reason Tex should be back.) Lester is flad out amazing I can’t say no more.

Carlos Zambrano’s no hitter


This happened during hurricane Ike and I found out a week after it happened. I went to help my parents in Houston because they had some water issues and no power. This was away field advantage. Playing where the Brew Crew play big mistake. All the Cubs fans drive up there when the Cubs played. They should have played close by Houston, in Dallas or even a minor league stadium. This was a rip of for the Astros who were coming back this wasn’t a top moment this was the top rip off. Don’t get me wrong throwing a no-no is history but this was just a rip off.

Red Sox 3 inning 7 run comback

large_drew gamewinner.jpg

WOW! That must have been some talk by Terry. This was amazing. I turned it off after the 6th inning. Ever one one the team contributed to this comeback from Drew to Bay to Peedie to Big Papi. This game was just amazing I’m still at a loss of words for this just WOW! 

Carlous Ruiz’s walk off dribbler


This was a good game. My favorite part was obviously the end. If Evan Longoria hadn’t had a throwing error this game was still good.  I’m not going to lie I never really saw this game so I can’t say much. This was though my favorite game that the Red Sox didn’t play in.

Awards Week




20070604_044413_Dustin Pedroia_300.jpg

Awards week is all ways awesome. That is all you can Pretty much say.

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