The Boy In The Striped Pajamas- Review

This will not give the movie away


Now this movie was so sad. I read this book last year and took my wife to see it. Bruno, whose father is a high ranking Nazi, moves to a new house where he can see a “farm” from his room. Bruno goes exploring in his back yard and finds Shmuel a Jew who is at the “Farm.” Bruno and Shmuel become friends and talk. The book is almost the same as the movie. One day Bruno wants to make a tire swing so he tells a Nazi and the Nazi tells the Jewish “slave” to get him a tire. When Bruno falls off one day the “slave” puts a bandage on his leg knowing that he could be killed. I can’t say much more because I would give it away but you must read the book and must see the movie. Tomorrow I will review “The Phantom of the Opera,” if I have time tomorrow.   

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