Top 10 Who Will Win What- Review . . . so far

First I got a job offer at a school as a acting /reading teacher and I took it! 

Now lets get to the review of the Top 10 Who Will Win What 

 Prediction- C.C to angels 
What happened- Yankees 
I was off on this one and I shouldn’t have been the Yankees wanted him and had the cash.
Prediction- Teixeira to Boston  
What happened- ????
Prediction- Manny ????
What happened- still don’t know
Prediction- K-Rod to Mets
What happened- right on
Prediction- A.J. to Phillies
What happened- ?????
Prediction- Lowe to Mets
What happened- ???????
Prediction- Ben Sheets to the Yankees
What happened- ??????
Prediction- Dunn to the Blue Jays
What happened- ?????
Prediction- Furcal to A’s
What happened- turned down A’s first offer
Prediction- Bradley to the M’s
What happened- ?????

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