Red Sox New Uniforms

I’m stopping my all prospect teams because no one likes them.

I’m sorry I have not been blogging lately it is a long story.
Also to my few devoted readers please spread the word about my blog.
First the Red Sox got new road and alternate jerseys along with a new logo.


I like the new hat. I wish every team had a hat that represented their city then one that represented their team name. I’m also not so sad because you will still see the other cap unlike the old road jerseys, unless it is a retro day. The new primary logo I don’t like as much. I liked the old logo because just being the Red Sox doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. The old logo was creative unlike just two Red Sox. I really like the secondary logo. It isn’t much different though. The socks are a little different color, the steams are different, the words are a different color and in a different font, and the “TM” is smaller. I like the new jerseys too.

At an event held at Game On restaurant in Boston, the Red Sox unveiled new club logos, uniforms and hats that will debut on the field at the start of the '09 season. The changes include new road uniforms, and also a new alternate road jersey, and a new hat with a 'Hanging Sox' logo to go with the alternate road jersey ( Read the story and discussion here ). Here manager Terry Francona (left) and former players Jim Rice and Jerry Remy show off the new primary road jersey.
Red Sox relief pitcher Manny Delcarmen strikes a pose while modeling the new alternate road jersey, as well as the alternate hat that goes with it while standing in front of the slightly tweaked new logo.

I like the new road uniforms and alternates. The road uniforms remind me of the days with Jim Rice my favorite retired Sox player. It shows that the Soxs have had recent greatness. If they never won the 2004 or 2007 world series they never would have had these new logos and uniforms. The alternates I hate. They are just boring, flad out boring.

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