Theo Epstein

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Theo Epstein is the youngest and one of the greatest G.M.’s ever. Yes, you heard me one of the greatest G.M.’s ever. Theo became G.M. for the Red Sox when he was 28 during the 2002 offseason. Epstein soon made the Red Sox a dynasty in progress. Some thought that Epstein was to young to be a G.M. and he would stink . . . but did he? Epstein quickly became the Red Sox ticket to the future. Epstein made the Sox a power house. The Red Sox had the best offense in 2003 they had Pedro and Lowe two of the best pitchers that season along with Tex, Millar, Papi, and Manny leading the offense. The Sox had that thing in the playoffs against the Yankees involving a home run and Aaron Boone. The Red Sox then fired Little, the manager that season because he let Pedro throw almost 9 innings and not going to the pen earlier. Theo hired Terry who was questionable at that time . . . again not any more. He got Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke in the offseason and got Doug Mientkiewicz, Orlando Cabrera, and Dave Roberts before the trading deadline and of course the Red Sox won it all that year. That was one of the best days of my life as a sports fan. Come back tomorrow and read some more about Epstein.


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