Theo Epstein-part 2

I was last at the end of the 2004 series. In
2005 the Red Sox made the playoffs but got beat by the champs
that year, the White Sox. “We were just tired man,” David
Ortiz said in his book “Big Papi.” In the 2005 offseason Theo
rejected a 1.5 million dollar, three year contract. That day
Epstein left Fenway in a gorilla suit to avoid reporters.
That offseason the Red Sox got Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell
while Epstein was not G.M. That offseason the Sox lost that
traitor,Johnny damon to the Yankees and signed Coco Crisp.
That was also the year when the Yankees killed the Red Sox
down the stretch, and the year Jon Lester got cancer. Theo
resigned in 2007. In 2007 the Sox signed Dice-K, Julio Lugo,
and J.D. Drew. The Sox lost trot Nixon, Mark Loretta, and
Alex Gonzalez. Peddie also started that season and won rookie
of the year. The Sox destroyed and came back that whole
season and playoffs to win another world series. In 2008 even
with all their injuries to Dice-K, Beckett, Curt, Timlin,
Lugo the Red Sox came with in  one game of the World
Series. In 2009 who knows Theo could just be G.M. of the


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