J.J. Putz

J.J. Putz is not going to like New York. He will have to deal with the New York media for starters. J.J. will probably be on a playoff team unlike the Mariners. J.J. will get a ton of less playing time as the set-up man for K-Rod. Yes it would be a honor to be the setup man for K-Rod but who wants less playing time. He will get paid the same and while K-Rod was an improvement to the bullpen adding Putz is the fix. A great closer needs a great setup man and while J.J. is a closer he should work as a setup man. I don’t know if Putz plays for the money, for the love of the game, or for the chance to win a ring. If he loves the game he will be upset about not getting as much playing time. If he plays for money he will love it. He will play less and get payed the same amount. If he wants to win a ring he will love it. The Mets are on the velvet ropes of a National League championships. Yes, I said. The Mets just need another ace and a little deeper ace. The Mets could though trust their prospects. One thing is for sure, J.J. Putz doesn’t look good in a Mets uniform.

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