Are Athlete’s Salaries to high?

First look at the new logo in the top right I just noticed that.

C.C. Sabathia will get paid 9.5 million before he throws a pitch. Teixeira want 150 million over 10 years so he would get 15 million a year, while teachers don’t get paid anything. So I would like to change and issue a few rules.

A.) Make a limit on how much a team can have. A-Rod gets paid more then the whole Flordia Marlins team. Doing this would let small market teams like the Royals have a chance. Well I guess they do have a chance I mean look at the Rays. Have the Yankees give some of their money to say the Nationals.
B.) Don’t get paid when you are injured or in the offseason. Your not working why should you get paid. When I am sick are taking a vacation I don’t get paid. Why should C.C. or A.J. or anyone get paid when they are not working.
C.) Give bad teams more money and not good teams after the World Series. When the Phillies won it all they got money unlike Baltimore or the Tigers. Yes I think the teams that make the playoffs should get bonuses but not the good teams that don’t make the playoffs, the Yankees, Astros, and, the Twins. Heck you could even say teams above .500 that miss the post season shouldn’t make it.
So there you go Mr. Selig I think I speak for all small market team fans even though I am a Sox fan. Don’t get me wrong I like the advantage of having money but I would like some more  teams the Red Sox can have closer games with and not 11 to 1 wins.


  1. juliasrants

    There are probably small countries out there whose GNP is less then some of the contracts that professional athletes receive. It has truly gotten out of hand. Given the world that the rest of us have to live it, maybe some of these baseball players should do a little soul searching.


  2. hardballblog

    I strongly feel that MLB needs a salary cap. I also don’t understand why the team that wins the World Series gets so much money. Obviously they are a good team, they are just going to get a lot better. Some of that money needs to go to smaller markets. The problem in baseball is that there are a lot of really good teams and really bad teams. There aren’t a lot of mediocre teams. Teams need to be more evenly matched.

  3. tjsportsnut7

    I am really glad someone other than just me is aware that salaries are WAY to high. That’s part of the reason I like football. Football has a salary cap. Baseball doesn’t. I think if baseball DID have a salary cap the National League might ACTUALLY win an all-star game! 13 years of losing is OUTRAGEOUS! One of the examples that I am an EXPERT on is the Eric Byrnes saga. 30 million dollars over 3 years with a no-trade clause. Out all season in 2008. Thats 10 million bucks doing nothing. He’s now a second string outfielder (as declared by Bob Melvin, the manager). Thats another year of 10 million bucks of free money! Who KNOWS what the story will be in 2010!

  4. hooksfan

    The salary of these players isn’t high…it’s insane. Take for instance C.C. Sabathia, he makes more money in one year than most of us combined will make in a lifetime. Maybe these players for a year should forgo their huge salary and work for $70,000.

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