Has Billy Beane Lost It???!!!

This just in Billy Beane has gone crazy. He isn’t sticking to his Moneyball plan. Beane now wants a guy who juices. Beane last season dished out Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, and Rich Harden to the D-Backs, Phillies, and Cubs respectively. Beane has been know to give stars away for top notch prospects but this off season seams different. For some reason Beane has money. probably do to the economic downfall, in the U.S., and worldwide. This is the best time for small market clubs till MLB gets a salary cap, but where did the Yankees get a quarter of a billion dollars? The A’s traded for Matt Holiday and wanted Furcal, who signed with the Dodgers. The A’s are trying to get a big time offense to save their young pitchers. I just don’t get it. Why would you want to have a juicing, thong wearing, fat slugger. They now want the Big Unit which he will fit in fine with the young pitchers and “mentor” them. The A’s would have no where to put Giambi. Jack Cust is at D.H., while Dan Barton is at first . . . well okay put him at first. The A’s could contend if they got the Big Unit, Giambi, and one other bat on the bench. I told you Billy Beane has lost it.

I like tis picture because it looks like the helmets have horns.



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