Team U.S.A.

Davey Johnson will lead team U.S.A. as their manager in the World Baseball Classic. This team has rival players as well as friends. Derek Jeter’s double play partner will be no other then Dustin Pedoria. Maybe they can get together and stop all these fights and pitches at heads and spiking guys on the base paths . . . just kidding. John Lackey the right hander for the Angels will be one of the starters. Maybe even face off against Dice-K in the championship. The Braves will have to players on the roster Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. I like Chipper on the team McCann I guess. Ryan Braun the young, slugger, for the Brew Crew joined Friday. Today Grady Sizemore joined as the center fielder. This team is young (with the exception of Chipper) and great (with the exception of Jeter). The classic is almost as good as baseball in the olympics, well not really. The Classic brings Red Sox and Yankees together, like me and my dad. Yes, my dad is a Yankee fan. It brings Cubbies and White Sox together and Dodgers and Angels. Look for team U.S.A. to go all the way and maybe win it all unless they get bad bench players and bad players to fill in the rest of the positions.

Win it all against Japan.
I so wish that Lester or Beckett face off in the championship against Dice-K! 


  1. hardballblog

    I agree Julia, the team does look really good. I am still puzzled that Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge turned down the invitation. As much as I hate to say it, they would have been great pieces on the roster. I wonder if Teixeira is going to play. I think he would be great to have also. If team USA gets the players they want I think they can definitely win the WBC.

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