18 and Counting

My Celtics are just amazing. 18 wins in a row facing the Bucks, Knicks, Pistons, T-Wolves, Raptors, Warriors, 76ers, Bobcats, Magic, Pacers, Trail Blazers, Pacers again, Wizards, Hornets, Jazz, Hawks, Bulls, and Knicks again, are the teams the Celtics have beaten in that order to go on this streak. The 76ers, Lakers, Warriors, Kings, Trail Blazers, and many more are soon to be added to that list. Are the 2008-2009 Celtics the best team ever? Yes. When you have the “Big 4”, KG, Double P, Ray Allen, and Rondo, along with Perk, House, Tony Allen and the rest of the bench, you kick but. Can the Celtics be stopped? No, look for them to lose either when they play the Hornets and Mavs in back to back games or when they play the Suns and Nuggets in back to back games. All four of those games are in February. The only reason they will lose those are because they face great teams in back to back games and they will just be tired. The Celtics will have four all stars, being “The Big 4” (hey, it will catch on.)The Celtics will obvious win more then the Jordan Bulls and win it all against the Lakers, the best team in the week west. Go C’s, Go Green!

Rajon Rondo

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