Brad Penny & Josh Bard

First- Here is the link to the salaries that I used for the roster game. try it if you want, it is kinda fun.
It only has the salaries from the start of the season, so now Masterson or Price.
Second- My Celtics got back on track by kicking the Sacramento King‘s but.
The Boston Herald is reporting that the Red Sox have reportedly reach a deal with starter Brad Penny and catcher Josh Bard. Penny’s deal is worth a base salary of five million dollars plus bonuses. Penny is a nine year major league veteran. Penny has played all nine years in the N.L. with the Florida Marlins and Los Angeles Dodgers. He was injured most of the season last year making only 17 starts with six wins and nine losses. With the exception of 2008 Penny’s stats are better then A.J. Burnett’s who recently signed with the New York Yankees, the Red Sox rivals. In 2007 Penny had 16 wins while Burnett had ten wins and eight loses. Penny will be the fifth or forth man in the rotation. Clay BuchholzJustin Masterson, and Michael Bowden where also in the running for the fifth man in the rotation. I think Clay, Masterson, and Bowden will still compete for the rotation in case Penny gets injured. Masterson will probably stay in the bullpen now, while Clay could start the season in the bullpen to see how he does back at the major league level. Bowden will probably stay in AAA for half the season then move to the majors in the summer.
Josh Bard played seven games for the Red Sox in 2006 trying to catch knuckle baller, Tim Wakefield, allowing ten pass balls. Bard must have learned to catch a knuckle ball because I don’t think he would be back here unless he knows how to catch Wakefield. Bard’s contract is worth 1.6 million with a non-guaranteed major league deal. Bard has played seven major league seasons with the Cleveland IndiansBoston Red Sox, and San Diego Padres. He is 30 years old, with 28 carer home runs and a .265 carer batting average. He had one home run and 36 hits, in 57 games with the Padres this year. Bard has been to the post season only once where he went one for seven.
Overall I like both moves by the Red Sox, mostly the Penny deal.


  1. juliasrants

    BigPapi – Yeah Celtics and you can’t forget them Bruins! Man are they on a roll! I am worried about Bard – he was out injured when the Padres got their knuckle ball pitcher so I’m not convinced he can catch it. I’m taking a wait and see attitude on these two.


  2. Elizabeth D

    That’s awesome that you were at Jason Bay’s first couple of games, that must’ve been great!
    The whole Penny vs Burnett comparison really opened my eyes! Thanks for that! I never would’ve realized that. If Buchholz, Masterson or Bowden will compete for the fifth spot, do you think Wake should go to the bullpen (hypothetically speaking)? I’m hoping that signing Bard doesn’t mean he’s a replacement for Varitek. That wouldn’t be very good.

  3. bigpapi72

    Julia- Your right I’m forgetting the Bruins. Bard still has sometime to learn how to catch a knuckle ball, pitchers and catchers camp along with spring training.

    Elizabeth- Masterson, Clay, and Bowden will only be in the fifth spot if Penny gets hurt. They will compete in spring training incase so if Penny gets hurt they can just toss someone in. Wakefield would only be in the bullpen as a closer, but we have Paps for that. Varitex (or who ever) would catch the starter and Bard (or whoever) would catch Wake in the ninth. Bard will only be a back up as Boston will offer Varitex money and he will go to Boston.

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