Stupid Team Names

Last night I was looking back at the Red Sox new uniforms and I thought at lest they didn’t change their name. Well if the Red Sox had to change their name here would be the three least likely competitors.

3- Boston Red Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells
If the Red Sox were every the Red Blood Cells, I would freak. This name is just stupid. Who wants a jersey with “Red Blood Cells” written on it, well I guess Red Sox fans would. At lest it’s not something stupid like “The Boston Red Blood,” because you can and should just drop out the “red,” I mean what other color is blood, (no not blue that is a myth.) Also Red Blood Cells is a very scary name (NOT) I mean if you knew nothing about a team but their name would you be scared to face them, probably no.
2- New York Rays

What team is stupid enough to move to their number one rivals city then change their name to their number two rivals name? The Red Sox aren’t, the Yankees maybe. First off that would mean all Red Sox fans would have to drive an hour or so, to just see their “home” team play. Second what happens when the New York Rays play the Tampa Bay Rays. What if B.J. Upton throws the ball at Youk thinking he is on his team. I’m sure though that their uniforms would have to be different though.

1- The Boston Pretty Pink Kitty Kats

Sticking with the misspelling theme (Sox and Kats) The Boston Pretty Pink Kitty Kats is probably the lest scariest name ever (well . . .  the name Red Sox isn’t that scary). Kitty Kats aren’t scary, the fact that their pink doesn’t help at all, and being pretty will not scare off the Yankees are Rays anytime soon. We would have the A’s, Reds, and Astros laugh at us. What is an Astro anyway? The Name is also way to long.
So if you had to choose a name what would it be? For me it would be The Red Blood Cells.


  1. Elizabeth D

    You’re right, I definitely should add Wakefield, and maybe move Pesky around on the list a bit. Tiant and Wood can also be added to honorable mentions. It’s a work in progress! Always great to get insight from other fans!
    I’m glad that the Red Sox will never change! :). Sure it’s not scary, but it’s classic, and rich with history!

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