NFL Playoff Predictions

Yesterday was a slow news day, but MLB Network did show the 2004 World Series along with part one of five Red Sox memories.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl. They have lock down defense and defense beats offense (most of the time). If the don’t get Big Ben then well they will lose in the first game. Here is my bracket.
Colts- The Colts will beat the Chargers because Peyton Manning is riding high after winning MVP and they will beat the Titans because the Titans don’t have that quarterback that can handle Peyton Manning. They will lose to the Steelers because defense beats offense most of the time.
Chargers- The Chargers shouldn’t even be in the playoffs.An eight and eight team shouldn’t even be in the playoffs. LT is great and same thing with Rivers but an eight and eight team shouldn’t be in the playoffs.
Titans- I still don’t think the Titans are real. They don’t have a pro bowl QB like the Colts which in the playoffs you have to have a great QB to survive.
Steelers- The Steelers have one of the best defenses ever thats right ever. They have Big Ben at QB which also helps. If Big Ben is out his back up isn’t that bad, but then the Steelers will lose to the Colts.
Dolphins- The Dolphins are young and haven’t been in the playoffs much. They don’t have enough experience to be a real contender in the playoffs but hey look at the Tampa Bay Rays. The Dolphins had the easiest schedule in the NFL, because they did so badly last year.
Ravens- Baltimore has Michael Phelps, the Ravens, and some really bad teams. The Ravens have a great defense just not as good as Pittsburgh. Look for Ray Lewis to have a big game against the Dolphins and the Steelers. In the game against the Steelers it will come down to offense.
Cardinals- The Cardinals are pretty good. They have a .563 winning percentage. They shouldn’t be in while Tampa Bay, Chicago, Cowboys, and the Jets have the same record and play in a harder division and the Patriots have a better record and blew out the Cardinals when they played them. Kurt Warner has to have a big game if they want to beat Matt Ryan.
Falcons- Matt Ryan is the next hall of fame quarterback. When the Falcons lost Vick it looked like they where going to need a few years. When they started Ryan it was a huge gamble that payed off. Ryan needs a HUGE game to upset the Giants though.
Giants- Eli is no long Peyton’s little brother, Eli is Peyton’s little brother. (Okay maybe that’s a little far.) The Giants have a great offense and have been here before. They have a good punter and a good kicker along with a pretty good defense.
Panthers- The Panthers are the most over rated team in the NFL. They will get “upset” by the Eagles. If they don’t want to get upset then they need to have a huge game from Steve Smith, the Pro Bowl Wide Receiver.
Vikings- Minnesota is like Baltimore. They have a good baseball and football team while they have a bad basketball and hockey team. The Vikings will get upset by the Eagles. If they want to avoid getting upset then they will need to have a big game from Adrian Peterson and great defense from Jared Allen.
Eagles- The 2008-2009 Eagles are last years 2007-2008 Giants, unless they face the New York Giants. The Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL. They have a good QB being Donovan McNabb and pretty good defense.  


  1. bigpapi72

    Sorry You can’t see the bracket. The Colts beat the Chargers, the Dolphins lose to the Ravens, the Falcons beat the Cards’, the Eagles beat the Vikings. Then the Colts beat the Titans, the Steelers beat the Ravens, the Giants beat the Falcons, the Eagles beat the Panthers. After that the Steelers beat the Colts while the Giants beat the Eagles. The Steelers beat the Giants in the supper bowl unless Big Ben is out.

  2. ohy22xd

    you probabaly don’t know me but.. oh well 🙂 check out my about me.
    nice blog. i like it. yeah, i have a feeling the steelers are going to win the super bowl. no doubt! and the chargers? i’m sorry. they’re gonna lose to the colts. chargers had a lousy 8-8 record so i’m pretty sure they’re going to have to lose.

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