Not Bad For An 11 Year Old

Tonight I went to mlblogs and saw that mlblogosphere was under most recent activity. I clicked wondering what was new on it. I noticed the cool profile picture. 

I then noticed that it was a new latest leader’s list. I then started scrolling down and praying that Eat, Sleep, Baseball would be on there and I was so excited to see this.

I was so happy! It was the first time I’ve been on the latest leader list. I have been working so hard lately. Yesterday I did eight entries in a day! Here is the whole list.


1. Red State Blue State 
2. Confessions of a She-Fan
30. Hardball
31. Love of The Game: Through 2 Different Pairs of Eyes
32. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
33. Diamondhacks
34. Cardinal Girl
35. The Brewer Nation
36. The 1 Constant…Baseball
37. Phillies Red Pinstripes
38. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
39. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
40. Statistician Magician


15. Newberg Report
16. MLBlogosphere
21. Red Sox Insider Blog
22. Major League Bastian
23. Ben’s Biz Blog
24. Inside the White Sox
25. Organizational Report
26. got milb?
27. Dining with ‘Dre
28. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
29. Vine Line’s Cubs Blog
30. Bally’s Blog
31. Twins Ballpark Update
32. Behind the Mask
33. Trade Talk
34. Yankee Stadium Memories
35. Siguiendo a los Mets
36. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
37. A ‘Braves’ New World
39. A’s Thru Z
40. Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog

Congrats Julia, Ben, Mark, Kaybee, Baby Paul, Elizabeth, Amazin86er, and others on making the list. Thanks to all readers and commenters.

On January, 12, 2009 at 6:53 I got my 100th comment! Thanks all commenters and readers (again) for 100 comments and 28th on the latest leader list. So today I got 100 comments, was 28th on the latest leader list, and got on the front page of mlblogs for doing eight entries in one day about the baseball hall of fame. Not bad for an eleven year old. Also Mike Schmidt will coach team USA in the World baseball Classic. 


  1. mlbtribefan

    Way to go! Like you, I too am looking to move up. I admire your hard work and dedication to blog about you team. Keep it up!

  2. mlbtribefan

    Keep up the good work. Like you, I am looking to move up. I appreciate your dedication and hard work blogging about the Red Sox. Congrats too to your fellow Red Sock Hall of Famer, Jim Rice. Check out my comments about him in my latest blog at

  3. Elizabeth D

    Congratulations Bigpapi72, that’s amazing!! Eight entries in one day?? Wow! Thanks for the mention as well, really appreciate it! You’re in my blog as well :). Us young Red Sox bloggers have got to stick together! And everyone else too 🙂

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