Glavine to Boston?!?

Tom Glavine a low risk high reward player said he felt good after throwing of the mound for the first time since elbow and shoulder surgery in August. Glavine is a local guy according to Julia (Julia your “dream” came true) over at Julia’s Rants. Glavine’s longtime teammate John Smoltz recently signed with the Red Sox. Glavine, a free agent, made thirteen starts last season. He went two and four, with 37 strikeouts, and a ERA 5.54. Tom Glavine is 42 years old. Glavine is a sure first ballot hall of famer he has 305 carer wins, an ERA of 3.54, and has 2,607 strikeouts. Glavine has played twenty-two seasons with the Braves on two different occasions and the New York Mets. He has won twenty games five times. While Glavine is a great player and I am sure he would love to go to the Red Sox, but Boston already has eight starters in Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Dice-K, Tim Wakefield, Brad Penny, Smoltz, Clay Buchholz, and Michael Bowden. Smoltz though could come out of the bullpen and I think Clay could too. As for Bowden he’ll come up from AAA in mid-season. He would probably cost a around the amount of Smoltz and is better. Am I saying that I would rather have Glavine then Smoltz? No, Smoltz will not pitch till June but he can be a starter or come out of the bullpen which I wish every pitcher could. Glavine will should sign with a team with young pitchers, the Rays, Twins, A’s, D-Backs, Reds, Pirates, Brewers, Nationals, Marlins, or maybe even the Padres. he also could resign with the Braves who have signed Derek Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami. The Braves also traded for former Chicago White Sox, Javier Vazquez. Vazquez is listed as the Braves ace on don’t get that one. I would put my money on the Brewers or the Braves. The Brewers lost C.C. Sabathia to the Yankees. Ben Sheets, the other Brewers ace is still on the market. One game I would love to see, Red Sox vs. Brewers, Jon Smoltz vs. Tom Glavine, at Fenway Park. 

Tom Glavine (left) John Smoltz (center) Greg Maddux (right)

Former Met Tom Glavine retired the final 17 batters he faced during the Braves' 6-1 win in the first game of a day-night doubleheader today.


  1. juliasrants

    Hey Bob – thanks for the shout out. Tom Glavine was born in Concord MA and was raised in Billerica. I don’t think Glavine will end up here – though I bet his family wouldn’t mind if he finished his career with the Sox. Now can we just resign Tek so our pitchers can have someone to throw to? And I agree – a Smoltz-Glavine matchup at Fenway would be great!


  2. bigpapi72

    Julia- Your welcome. Glavine will probably never come to Boston know that we signed Smoltz, Saito, Kotsay, etc. I just think Teo liked him a lot. If he had pitched on the mound before the signings then I like he could be in a Red Sox uniform.

    Kaybee- The Red Sox have to manny starting pitchers.

    Xcicix- I was just giving examples of teams with young players. The Rays have six starters but are very young.

  3. Elizabeth D

    That would be a great matchup… Smoltz vs Glavine! Former team mates! Is it for sure that he’s still going to pitch next year? Or could he possibly retire? I definitely think that Bowden is going to come up in September–similar path to Masterson. The Sox have a great bullpen don’t they? They’ve really improved it! And Varitek met with John Henry yesterday!! They have mutual interest!!

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