Style Statements

First before I begin I know nothing about style like the pink hats. Why would I, Bob wear a pink hat. I know nothing about style unless it has to do with a baseball cap and a Red Sox jersey. I have no future in fashion. No the real reason I’m blogging about this is due to a blog, Girly Baseball Chick: A’s All the Time. Not a bad read if you haven’t checked it out yet. She talked about the pink hats. I support the pink hats. Yes, their not the team colors but their different. Sometimes people just want something different. Wouldn’t it be kind of boring if the only hat you could find was a green and gold A’s hat or a white and blue Padre hat? I know one of my readers, Julia wears a pink Red Sox hat. I can not stand the all white hats though you can’t see the logo or anything. That is why I support the pink hats.  

                                            New Era White on White Fashion Caps        Boston Red Sox Women's Pink Cap
Another thing I support is the green Red Sox uniforms. Yes the Red Sox colors are red and dark blue but the green is cool. Now I don’t mean to say I want the Red Sox to change their name to the Green Sox just wear the cool green hats and jerseys a little more. The only reason they wear the green uniforms is because of the Boston Celtics, the NBA team in Boston. When Kevin Garnett threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park the Red Sox wore their green uniforms. When the Celtics won the NBA championship the Red Sox wore the green uniforms. As you see the green uniforms is just showing respect to the Celtics. Even Manny liked them.
Another thing I like are the style caps. Some people say that only thugs were them. That is not true those are so cool. I don’t have one though. One game players should play with style caps. Their just so unique and different then the one we see David Ortiz, Ryan Braun, David Wright, and Andre Ethier wear on the fields. Another cool style cap are the stars and strip caps. They wore them on 9-11. I also think they wore them on the Fourth of July but I was at summer camp then. I really think the Blue Jay Canada hat. Those are so random, awesome, and cool. I bought one for no reason. I know it was a waist of money. I mean like I said about the pink hats sometimes people just want something different. Like the flat lids. I love those. My Red Sox hat has a flat lid. I only can think of one person who wears a flat lid, Joba Chamberlain who plays for the Y-. I told you I don’t like to say the Y word in my blog. 



  1. bigpapi72

    Xcicix- Most of the flat brims are on the style caps
    Ohy55xd- I know the white hats stink. All the kids at my school like them though.


  2. Elizabeth D

    Baseball style is so cool! I really like how there are so many different styles to collect. And I really like the green hats and uniform too– showin’ a little Irish blood right? And I agree with you about the white hats– they’re so annoying!

  3. juliasrants

    THANK YOU for your support! I have a Pink, Red, Blue & Green Red Sox hat! Showing support for your team isn’t about what you do or don’t wear. Not everyone can afford to buy the hats, shirts etc…of their favorite teams. Does that make them less of a fan? No it doesn’t! Being a fan means what you feel inside – and NOT what you look like on the outside. Again – thanks for your support of us Pink Hat Ladies (And yes, it probably is something that more female fans of the Red Sox and Y- wear (Didn’t say it!)) and GO RED SOX!


  4. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- Baseball style is pretty cool. Yes, the green uni’s are also for Ireland.

    Julia- A blue Red Sox hat! cool. Yes what you wear can’t show how much a fan you are. You could be all decked out in Red Sox gear but like the Astros. You could wear a blue shirt and jeans and be a Re Sox fan. Thanks for not saying the Y- word.


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