Young Guns- Reds

First- Trevor Hoffman officially became a Brewer. Sorry Kaybee.

Second- Justin Duchscherer avoided arbitration by signing a one year deal that could be worth $4.05 million dollars.
Third- Sean Casey is retiring. The “mayor” will join MLB Network. His role is still unknown.
Edinson Volquez
Edinson Volquez is 25 years old. Volquez has a carer record of 20-17, an ERA of 4.37, and 261 strike outs. He also has a .97 fielding percentage. at pitcher. Volqez has played for the Texas Rangers and the Cincinnati Reds. With the Rangers Volquez made 17 starts and had a record of three and eleven. In his first season he went zero-four, with an ERA of 14.21, and only 11 strike outs, in six games, 12.2 innings. Following the 2007 season Volquez was traded from the Rangers to the Reds for Josh Hamilton, a deal that made both teams happy. In 2008 Volquez had his break out year with a record of 17-6, an ERA of 3.21, and 206 strike outs. In the 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium Volquez didn’t do so well. He pitched one inning in which he gave up two hits and a home run. That one home run was to J.D. Drew, all-star game MVP. He did strike out two batters though. Volqez has yet to make the post season with the Reds or Rangers. Unlike Dustin Pedroia Volquez has the body of a major leaguer. He is six foot and weighs 200 pounds. In the 2009 Wold Baseball Classic he will play for team Dominican Republic possibly joining team mate Johnny Cueto, who went 9-14 with a 4.81 ERA, and 158 strike outs. remember when Tom Glavine got 300 win? People said he could be the last person ever to gat to 300. Volquez is on pace to get 300 wins if he plays another 15 seasons and not get injured. If Volquez does get to 300 he will be a sure lock to get into the hall of fame. Edinson Volquez is only one of the promising Reds though, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, etc. So Reds fans the Reds could be the Rays of 2008 his year.
Honorable Mention
2. Joey Votto
3. Jay Bruce
4. Micah Owings
5. Homer Bailey
Edinson Volquez
Edinson Volquez of the Cincinnati Reds

Edinson Volquez leads the majors in ERA, strikeouts and opponent batting average.


  1. rosehof14

    I’m sad to hear Sean Casey is retiring, as a Red I really liked him and there was nothing like the cheers he got even after going to the Sox he got when they visited Great American BallPark. As far as the Reds in 09, I’m seeing a trend of people putting them down as the next Tampa Bay. You maybe right I’m just worried if Tampa Bay may have in fact broke the mold on the “non slugger” team idea and everyone else will be ready for it now. Time will tell, thanks for a great pro Reds post!


  2. bigpapi72

    Julia- I agree. It will be interesting to see someone the show every day who played with Manny, Papi, etc.
    Cob- I think the Giants also have a chance of being the 2008 Rays and your welcome.
    Caroline- I think they could but Owings has a great bat he hit what six home runs two years ago and won a silver slugger.


  3. Elizabeth D

    You’re right, the Reds totally could be the Rays of ’09. Even Mark (MLBlogosphere) said that a little while ago. Great background on Volquez. I was aware of his great year this past year, but I wasn’t aware of his other crappy years. Both he and Josh Hamilton had break out years. In fact, if the Rangers get Ben Sheets, they could have a turn around year as well.

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