Jon Garland, The Most Overrated Pitcher in  Baseball

Today the Arizona Diamondbacks signed right hander, Jon Garland to a one year deal, worth about $7 million dollars. The deal also includes an option for 2010. Garland will replace Randy Johnson who signed with the Giants this offseason. Garland is a sinkerballer, who played last season with the Angels were he went 14-8, with a 4.90 ERA, and 90 strikeouts. The Angels were the A.L. West champions and the only team to win 100 games last season. Now some idiots (no offense) might say, why is Garland overrated then if he was on the Angels? You just answered your own question. Garland won only 14 games for one of the best teams in baseball last year. Imagine what he would have been like if he played for the Mariners, Pirates or even Astros. If he was with the Mariners then maybe seven wins. If he played for the Pirates then ten wins. If he played for the Astros, he would have helped them get the wild-card spot but he would have only won eleven games. Yet, Garland gets treated like he has won 20 games. At least the front offices know he is overrated by not giving him say a $20 million dollar contract. Garland is a good pitcher but not an all-star. He was one in 2005 though with the White Sox when they won the World Series. So I don’t want to have any comments saying the Garland is underrated or that I’m wrong. Garland will most likely be the second or third starter in the D-Backs rotation. Right now it looks like Brandon Webb will be the ace, followed by Dan Haren, then Garland, next is Doug Davis, and in the fifth spot Max Scherzer or Yusmerio Petit. It will most likely be Scherzer though. Garland is 29 years old and has played nine major league seasons with the White Sox and Angels. His first eight years were with the White Sox. His carer stats are 106-89, a 4.47 ERA, and 851 strike outs. He also has one save and a .971 fielding percentage at pitcher. Garland is overrated by the fans but this should be a good move for the Diamondbacks.

Jon Garland  Photo Enlargement


  1. xcicix

    The most overrated pitcher in baseball is Tim Lincecum. Yes he can strike people out. Yes he looks like he is my age. Yes he is conceited. Yes he has a funny windup. But does that give you the right to a Cy Young when someone gets a perfect record and someone else has way more wins than you?

  2. bigpapi72

    Caroline- Lincecum won 18 games for a team that only won 72. Neither one of them had perfect records so I don’t know what you mean. Garland had 14 wins for a team that won 100 games. And Lincecum and Garland are in different leagues so Garland really lost to Cliff Lee.


  3. ohy22xd

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know who Garland was until now! He looks like a good pitcher to me.
    And the Lincecum thing you are talking about, I have to disagree with Caroline. He’s a great guy. I mean he deserved to win the NL Cy Young Award. It was his only second year in the majors and he just strikes those batters out as if they were little leaguers!

  4. bigpapi72

    Julia- Thanks, I think he will most likely be third.
    Hyun Young- Congrats, your my 200th comment! I agree about Tim and don’t make fun of little leaguers like me 🙂


  5. kmcleod

    Garland is smart signing a contract to pitch most of his games against the Giants, Dbacks, Padres, and Rockies. He can fix that ERA from last year over the next two years against these below average offenses and demand even more money in two years.

  6. Elizabeth D

    I think you’re right that Jon Garland is overrated. People underestimate how much run support is really worth when you’re with the best team in baseball. I remember Paul Byrd has a mediocre start earlier in ’08, but the Red Sox backed him with great support. It really makes a difference.
    So even on the other side, I’m sure there are underrated stars on under 500 teams, they just don’t get recognition because their numbers don’t match up. There’s only so much a pitcher can do for a team.

  7. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- I agree if you play for a good team but only get only five wins you aren’t that good. Thats why I like Tiny Tim he got 18 wins for a team that only won 72 games!


  8. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I was lucky to be able to watch Garland with the White Sox. While I wouldn’t say he’s the MOST overrated pitcher, he is up there. He got a lot of run support with the Angels, and I think the White Sox gave him up at the right time. While he’s still relatively young, he’s starting to lose some of his stuff. I hope he does well with the Diamondbacks because I like him. And I’ll always remember what he did for us in 2005.

  9. bigpapi72

    Jen- 2005 was a great year for the White Sox. The White Sox did let him go at the right time.
    Matt- Maybe Peavy is but I think Felix Hernendez is the second most overrated player.

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