Boston Has its ‘Tek Back

Jason Varitek resigned with the Red Sox on a $5 million, one year deal with a club option for 2010 worth $3 million. In 2010 he could also earn an extra $2 million if he gets all of his incentives completed. The deal isn’t official yet though and we all remember what Rafael Furcal did this offseason, but I don’t think Varitek would do that. Varitek turns 37 in April. In twelve major league season, all with the Red Sox he has batted .263, with 161 home runs, 654 RBI’s, 1,156 hits, and 25 stolen bases. He is an excellent fielder with a carer .993 fielding percentage and the 2005 Golden Glove award for catchers. He also works very well with pitchers. He has caught four no-hitters in his carer. In 2008 Varitek had a down year batting .220, with 13 home runs, 43 RBI’s, zero stolen bases, and 93 hits. Varitek did however get voted in to his third all-star game as back up to Twins catcher Joe Mauer. Varitek is also a decent hitter. He won the 2005 Silver Sluggers for catchers. Varitek has won two World Series, 2004 and 2007. His postseason stats consist of a .237 batting average, eleven home runs, 33 RBI’s, 54 hits, and zero stolen bases. Varitek has been the Red Sox captain since the 2004 offseason. This is a fantastic move by the Red Sox. Varitek is the heart of Red Sox Nation in the best of times and the worst of times as William Shakespeare would say. Varitek is a Red Sox legend and soon to be a baseball legend. I mean he is the only player ever to catch four no-hitters! While Varitek wasn’t the best slugger he was awesome. Am I saying Varitek will go into the baseball hall of fame? Maybe, I don’t know. I would probably say no but he would come very close. The next thing on the Red Sox to do list is win the 2009 World Series but a few things could be added before that happens, like sighing or trading for a young catcher or trading some guy who “forces” the Red Sox to trade him. cough *** cough *** Manny Ramirez *** cough *** cough

Captain Jason Varitek   "Tek" by garreyf.

Jason Varitek gives Alex Rodriguez a face full of catcher's mitt, setting off a benches-clearing incident July 24.

Jason Varitek



  1. mattjj

    i was thinking to myself ‘whats wrong with josh bard. why are all these red sox fans making a big deal over varitek?’ but then i saw how much tek means to the sox and now i see why

  2. Elizabeth D

    Hooray!! I’m so happy that Varitek signed, I started jumping around my house screaming ‘HE SIGNED!!!!’ when I found out. I was anxious all day Friday. I think Varitek’s offensive stats might hinder him a bit when it comes to the HOF. Sometimes they don’t look at intangibles. But Carlton Fisk did get in with a .269 BA. And just look at Varitek’s fielding percentage. I think that somehow he needs to be remembered.

  3. rosehof14

    It’s about time, the Red Sox without it’s captain is well a ship with out it’s captain..YOU GET THE POINT! Make sure you guys take this time to start warming up a good replacement, 2nd chances like this don’t come around very often. Use it, and good luck!


  4. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- I agree about Varitex. He has spent his whole major league carer with Boston he should go into the hall of fame or at least the Red Sox hall of fame.
    Cob- I agree Boston needs to trade for Salty!

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