Fantasy Baseball Help- Tip 2

Before I begin I would like to say a few things.
My Play was AWESOME! We did very well. I was Uncle Andrew in the Magician’s Nephew. I used a can of hair gell, a bottle of hair dye,and a ton of hair-spray for my hair. I got flowers and chocolate, it’s a weird thing we do to the star at the theatre, and by weird I mean awesome. So if the sports carer doesn’t work I’ll have acting to do.
-Also my championship basketball game got moved to six o’clock so I might get to blog tomorrow.
– I moved the front page of MLBlogs! Congrats Cob for making it also and Hyun Young for being the featured blog.

Closers End The Game and End the Draft

When drafting for your team draft closers at the end or middle, unless you play some weird league where saves are worth more then wins. Closers don’t pitch as much as starters and don’t play as much as position players. The only exceptions would be to Jonathan Papelbon, Brad Lidge, and Francsico Rodriguez and some could argue Marino Rivera, Joe Nathan, and Jose Valverde. Closers get the least amount of point on your team except for benchwarmers. The closer is the most overrated position in all of baseball. All they do is pitch one inning. Yes their is a ton of pressure and not everyone can do it but at the end of the day all it is is pitching one inning. I should know I’m the closer on my baseball team. Unless you don’t blow a one save, save sixty, or are the next Trevor Hoffman you are most likely overrated. I know I will get some really bad comments about this but I really don’t care. The most overrated closer? Francsico Rodriguez. Brad Lidge goes perfect with the exception of the all-star game and all we hear is K-Rod this, K-Rod that. Don’t get me wrong K-Rod is one of the games best at closer but he blew seven games last year. The save really just means how many closer games you won. So in a way you don’t want to have a closer come in and pitch because you want to have a blow out. Sarters pitch 200+ innings if you great and closers pitch about 70 at the very most. Position players play sometimes the whole season. While I respect closers and I think they are a huge part of a teams success they are overrated. 
Francisco Rodriguez
Closer Jonathan Papelbon gives the Red Sox a vital weapon in the postseason.
Note- This may have been the stupidest entry I’ve ever written because since I’m the closer for my team i just dissed myself.


  1. juliasrants

    We’ll forgive you for dissing yourself! Congrats on the play – I did a lot plays when I was in school and I loved them. Good luck tomorrow night in your game – make sure you let us all know how you do – and thanks for the fantasy advice.


  2. johnnyk42

    Nice job at the play I bet you did great, anyway I am a closer for my team too, no worries though I know I got an easy job

  3. raysrenegade

    Why is it that I am thinking that Jonathan Papelbon and Brian Fuentes will make a huge impact this year. Could it be the advanced ages of some of the American League’s closers, or just that it might be their time.

    I do not know why I am thinking this right now, But K-Rod will take a year to be dominant in the NL. Those guys in the NL can hit a power pitcher, and his off speed stuff is average right now. Brad Lidge, I just think he is due for a downward spiral after having his career moment in the sun/rain/whatever.

    Rays Renegade

  4. Elizabeth D

    I think that you’re a guy of many talents. You act, you write, you play baseball AND basketball. That’s pretty cool! I wish I could do all of those things! You’re right about closers, they’re very important but they do only pitch one inning. I think K-Rod is VERY overrated, you’re right in that regard. No doubt they’re important though. Thanks for the tips!!

  5. bigpapi72

    Julia- Thanks, don’t worry I’ll tell everything.
    Angelsboy- In little league the closer is different than a MLB one. I think sometimes there is more pressure in little league.
    R.R.- I agree now that I think about it. It could take K-Rod a year to be great in the N.L.
    Kaybee- Thanks, I hate hairspray it’s so hard to get out sometimes,
    Mark- Thanks
    Babu- Why not play with the rest of MLBlogs? It’ll be fun. Go to Confessions of a Baseball fan to find out more.
    Elizabeth- Thanks and no problem


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