#4- Joe Cronin

Before I start this is my 99th entry! I want to do something special for my 100th so do you guys have any ideas?

Joe Cronin


Joe Cronin was born on October 12, 1906 in San Francisco, California. He batted right handed and threw right handed. He was a player/coach who had a carer batting average of .301 with 170 home runs, 1,424 RBI’s, 2,285 hits, and 87 stolen bases. He played with the Pirates for two season, seven seasons with the Washington Senators, and played the last eleven seasons of his carer with the Red Sox. Joe played five different positions in his carer; second base, shortstop, third base, first base, and outfield. He played mostly shortstop and second base though. He had a carer fielding average of .953. He was a seven time all-star playing with the Senators and Red Sox. He managed the Washington Senators from 1933-1944 and managed the Boston Red Sox from 1935-1947. The last two years he managed he wasn’t a player. He went to the 1946 World Series but sadly didn’t win against the St. Louis Cardinals. From 1947-1959 he was the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. Then from 1959-1973 he was the American League President. In 1956 he mad it into the Baseball Hall of Fame, along with Hank Greenberg, on his tenth try with 152 votes out of 193, 78.76% of the vote. On May, 29 1984 his number four was retired. Then on September 7, 1984 Cronin died at age 77. In 1999 he was named a finalist on the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Jackie Robinson and Roger Hornsby made it at second and Cal Ripken Jr., Ernie Banks, and Honus Wagner made it at shortstop.
 Joe Cronin     Born:  October 12, 1906    Birthplace:  San Francisco, California    Hometown:  Barnstable, MA (d. 1984)    Height:  ???    Weight:  180 lbs    Bats:  Right    Throws:  Right    Drafted:  1925: Free Agent with the Pittsburgh Pirates    College:  None    High School:  None    Other Teams:  Pittsburgh Pirates 1926-1927                  Wash. Senators 1928-1934    Years with Boston:  1935 - 1945


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Congrats on number 4! Great dedication. For your 100th entry, I say write about whatever makes you happiest about baseball. Whether it’s a certain player, the way the game is played, something about Fenway, whatever. Even a combination of all of those things. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. rockiesfan

    Congratulations on being #4!!! Very cool post on Cronin. For your 100th post you should definitly just write about everything you love about the Red Sox. Like, your favorite moments, players, etc. but I’m sure it’ll be great no matter what you post!
    Stop by and visit anytime, Alex

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