That’s right Red Sox fans, Alex Rodriguez has a big, fat * next to his name. In 2003 he tested positive for steroids. 2003 was his last season with the Rangers where he lead the league in home runs(47), runs scored (124), and slugging percentage (.600). He also had 181 hits and 181 RBI’s. He won his first MVP and a golden glove. Following the 2003 season Rodriguez almost got traded to the Red Sox and I’m glad he didn’t. He ended up getting traded to the Yankees. Rodriguez has a carer average of .306 with 553 home runs, 2,404 hits, 1,606 RBI’s, and 283 stolen bases. Rodriguez is a twelve time all-star. He also has won ten silver sluggers, four Hank Aaron Awards, three MVP’s, and two golden gloves. A-Rod started out as a shortstop and then moved to third base when he joined the Yankees because Derek Jeter was already at shortstop. Before I hatted A-Rod. Now I hate and disrespect him. I will never respect a guy who took steroids unless they do what Andy Pettitte did. Pettitte came out and said, Hey look I did steroids and I’m sorry. I know how many Yankee fans feel. I used to look up to Roger Clemens, when he was an Astro. Then to his him get that * next to his name it was heartbreaking. Should we be surprised that A-Rod took steroids? No, his ego was bound to fall on him. Now the big problem in this is did the Rangers know that A-Rod tested positive so is that why they traded him? The whole Alex Rodriguez problem is the Rangers problem. The Yankees can do what ever they want but this is the Rangers fault. The Yankees didn’t have A-Rod on their team when he tested positive so they know as much as me, you, and Derek Jeter. A-Rod will not say anything. Yesterday he said, “I’m not saying anything . . . you’ll have to talk to the union.” The questions just pile on up, Did Scott Boras know? Will he make the Hall of Fame now? Should he lode his MVP? My answers are yes, yes, and no. When he gets jugged for the Baseball Hall of Fame voters will disregard the seasons he took steroids. If it turns out that A-Rod took steroids ten seasons there is know way he will make the hall of fame. 

Note- Hey Mark, there are some good sentences up there. Maybe you could put one on MLB.com. 🙂
Alex Rodriguez's Pledge of Allegiance




  1. hardballblog

    Before this I wasn’t a fan of A-Rod. He did however have my respect because he had a good worth ethic (so I thought) and was just an overall talented player. Now I’m still not a fan but he has lost my respect completely. I hate how players say “I’m sorry.” No they aren’t. If they were sorry they wouldn’t have taken steroids in the first place. They know what the consequences will be if they get caught but take them anyway. But in the end I just want the other 103 names.

  2. juliasrants

    Bob – it is just another reminder that while we can like a baseball player for their skills, they are human like the rest of us. It is a very sad day for baseball. I’ve published an open letter to Bud Selig today – the time for change is now.


  3. bigpapi72

    Ben- I’m dying to know who else is on the list.
    Julia- That was a nice entry
    Angelsboy- I lost all of my respect for A-Rod
    Caroline- I’m sure Bonds is on the list. Maybe Giambi and Clemens are on it also I don’t know.


  4. Elizabeth D

    I am so happy that A-Rod did not come to the Red Sox. I never liked him, and I barely respected him because of the way he played the game, you know, knocking balls out of gloves, etc. But I was able to respect him at times. Now, there is nothing there.

  5. bigpapi72

    Johnny- Don’t worry I doubt Jeter is on the list.
    Elizabeth- I think all of Red Sox Nation is happy he didn’t come to Boston.


  6. bigpapi72

    Junior- A-Rod admitted he did.
    360- In Forth grade I had to do an editorial cartoon. I did A-Rod saying that he didn’t take steroids with a long nose. People said to me “A-Rod didn’t take steroids. Today was my revenge. 🙂
    M.M.M.- I got my respect for A-Rod back however i still would keep the * because he did do steroids. Giambi I don’t know though/


  7. wadstas

    So, do you have respect for A-Rod now? He admitted is just as Andy Pettitte did. Also, does someone have to be “caught” as a steroid user in order for you to not respect him? Or does your lack of respect also apply to players who have not yet been “caught” such as David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez or Josh Beckett?I think deep down, you are emotionally hurt that the Red Sox didn’t get A-Rod and this is your way of letting him have it!

  8. wadstas

    With respect to you, I believe your judgment on whether Ortiz or Beckett is fogged by the fact that you’re a Red Sox fan. Understandable, but the point I am trying to make is that A-Rod got “caught” when the tests showed him testing positive for a PED. If, and I mean if, David Ortiz or Josh Beckett gets “caught” in the future as another player who tested positive for a PED back in 2001 or 2003, would you lose respect for them just as you did A-Rod? Or is it the fact that he’s also a Yankee and you wanted to take advantage of the story to put a point on the board for Boston fans? By the way, I am NOT a Yankees fan and am not defending them in any way. In fact, I hope they finish eight games out of 4th place behind the Orioles.A-Rod is not a jerk. A-Rod is overly confident and somewhat cocky. Let’s face it: If the Sox signed A-Rod a few years ago, you would be in love with him right now, or at least two weeks ago. With that said, keep up the good work with the stories.

  9. bigpapi72

    Wadstas- I would lose respect for them. Mostly Ortiz. He is my favorite player.
    Neal- No problem I don’t care.
    Okie Ranger- It happened in the Rangers clubhouse probably. It isn’t the Yankees problem because it didn’t happen with them.


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