The Past And The Present

The Past

Andruw Jones in actie voor Nederland
Andruw Jones signed a one year minor league deal with the Texas Rangers today worth $500,000. The deal could be worth one million dollars if he gets 620 plate appearances this year. This offseason Jones was rumored to be traded from the Dodgers to the Mets. Jones is a five time all-star who was won ten Golden Gloves. Jones spent eleven outstanding years with the Braves then in 2007 he had a not so good year, batting .222, with 26 home runs, 127 hits, 94 RBI’s, and five stolen bases. That was still a great year just not an Andruw Jones type of year. In the offseason that year Jones signed with the Dodgers. In 75 games he batted .158, with three home runs, 33 hits, fourteen RBI’s, and zero stolen bases. Andruw is still a good fielder though. In 2008 he had a .993 fielding percentage which made his carer fielding percentage .991. This offseason the Dodgers released him after he agreed to defer $16 million of the $21.1 million he is owed. Jones is the third washed up player the Rangers have signed this offseason joining Omar Vizquel and Derrick Turnbow. Jones has some heath problems. Like the fact that he is overweight. Jones is not likely to be the starter in centerfield though because Josh hamilton is already in center. Jones could become the utility outfielder if he has a strong spring training. I think Andruw Jones will have a strong spring training and be the fourth outfielder but will get sent down in the middle of the season do to poor performances. I did take him off the list of possible center fielders I might want for fantasy baseball because when players are sent to the minors they can’t earn you points and because I don’t want a backup outfielder on my team as the starter. This is also some what of topic but would anyone buy my Andruw Jones autographed rookie card that is in mint for maybe thirty dollars. 😉
The Present
"Ryan Howard" Photograph
Ryan Howard signed a three year, $54 million dollar contract with the Phillies avoiding arbitration. Howard will get paid eighteen million dollars a year. Last season Howard took the Phillies to the World Series by batting .251 with 48 home runs, 146 RBI’s, one stolen base, and 153 hits. He did have 199 strike outs last year tying a carer high. He finished second in MVP voting in 2008 behind Albert Pujols. Howard has won many awards in his three year carer including, a Hank Aaron award, a Rookie of the Year, a silver slugger, a MVP, but has only made one all-star game. He did make two home run derby’s and won the 2006 one. Howard has a carer batting average of .279 with 177 home runs, 578 hits, 499 RBI’s, and two stolen bases. Last year in the playoffs he batted .269, with three home runs, fourteen hits, nine RBI’s, and zero stolen bases. Ryan Howard has a lot in common with Adam Dunn. Both strikeout a ton, both hit for power, both are one time all-stars, both can play first base, (but Howard plays it every day while Dunn also plays outfield) both bat lefty, both were born in November 1979 (Howard the 19th and Dunn the 9th) and the list goes on and on. Now I think Dunn will not get Ryan Howard money maybe twelve million dollars if he is lucky. If Ryan Howard wants to get into the Hall of Fame though he will have to cut down on strikeouts. Same thing with Adam Dunn.
Ryan Howard-


  1. juliasrants

    Great job. I learned a lot about these two players. I think the Phillies are happy signing Howard to this multi-year deal and I think it ties up a lot of their players for the next few years. I hope your Ted Williams paper came out well!



    haaaa…if you really think those two have a chance at making the hall of fame especially Adam Dunn, you’re off your rocker. Adam Dunn is an awful fielder, can’t run for his life and all of his hits are home-runs. As for Ryan Howard, he’s a better hitter overall but fielding is still an issue. You can probably depend on Howard striking out atleast 100 times over a season. He is the biggest power threat in the game as of now but that is all he is and without some adjustments, thats all he ever will be, a homerun hitter.

  3. nymets829

    okay, i’m sorry but Adam Dunn will never in a million years make the hall of fame. Even if he strikes out twice this season, his career numbers are awful. 270 home runs and a BA of .247. Doesn’t even have 1000 hits. No chance. Andruw Jones has a better chance.

  4. kingofcali

    I hope Jones has a bounce back year. I feel bad for him cause he’s still young. I’m just glad the Giants didn’t sign him. I wanted the Gaints to get him but he ended up signing with the Dodgers. Phills fans should be happy that Howard is happy and locked up for 3 years.

    ~King of Cali

  5. bigpapi72– I never said i thought Dunn would get in? I said if Dunn wants to get in he will have to cut down on strikeouts and today HOF voters don’t look at fielding much.
    Nymets829- I agree Dunn will never again I said if he wants to get in.
    Kaybee- Gonzalez though is a great fielder.
    King of Cali- I hope Jones does too. It won’t be a 30 home run season but he should be pretty good.


  6. karloua

    Interesting article. I’m not sure if Dunn has a shot at the hall of fame just because of his average but Howard has a legit shot. He’s just a homerun and RBI machine even though he strikes out a lot. Dunn may not play around the Philly lineup, but his average has just been outrageous throughout the years and he doesn’t have an MVP or a ring in his resume. Nevertheless, if he reaches 500 homers…who knows?

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