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Before I start I must say a few things, I never said that Adam Dunn would make the Hall of Fame. I said if he wants to make the Hall of Fame he must cut down on his strikeouts. Thanks Mark for putting me on the front of MLBlogs! Now I don’t feel like blogging about A-Rod so enjoy Tiny Tim.

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum is 24 years old. Lincecum attended Washington State. Lincecum was drafted in the 48th round by the Chicago Cubs. He was the 1,408th pick in the draft. He decided to go to college and was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 42nd round, 1,261 overall. He has a carer record of twenty-five and ten with an ERA of 3.16, 415 strikeouts in just two major league seasons. He has never made an error at pitcher but has never won a Golden Glove. In 2006 he won the Golden Spikes Award. In 2007 he went seven and five with an ERA of 4.00 and 150 strikeouts in 24 games. 2008 was the first year he made the all-star game. He did not pitch in the game due to the flu. That season he won the National League Cy Young Award winning 18 games for a team that won just 72. He also lead the majors in strikeouts with 265 and had an ERA of 2.62. Lincecum has yet to pitch in the postseason but some people think the Giants could win the N.L. West. I think the D-Backs will with the Dodgers coming in at second by one or two games. All that could change if the Dodgers got Manny Ramirez though. Even though Tim has only been in the league for two seasons his nicknames consist of The Franchise, The Freak, and Tiny Tim. When Tim was a kid he told his dad he was a freak because he was so good. He got dubbed Tiny Tim for being only 5’11” and weighing only 170 pounds. The same day Lincecum won the Cy Young award he became cover athlete for MLB 2K9 replacing Jose Reyes. Lincecum is the first pitcher to be on the cover of the game. Derek Jeter was on it in 2005 and 2006. One thing is for sure his wind up is pretty weird, funny, cool, and interesting.

Tim Lincecum card.jpg


Honorable Mentions

2-Matt Cain
3-Brian Wilson
4-Fred Lewis
5-Jonathan Sanchez


  1. kingofcali

    That was a really good blog on Tim Lincecum. You had a lot of good facts in there. I really enjoyed reading it. He’s a great pitcher. Can’t wait to see how good he really gets. I’m sure a lot more people will know about Lincecum with this blog. Good job!

    ~King of Cali

  2. bigpapi72

    Julia- Thanks!
    Kaybee- Thanks. I doubt any fan likes it when he faces their team.
    Hyun Young- I didn’t know that. I would have thought you being a Padres fan you would have hatted him.
    King of Cali- Thanks a lot!!!
    Melissa- I know that is fantastic!
    Ben- I do too. He is 100% amazing, awesome, and cool.
    Caroline- I think they will unless the Dodgers or Giants get Manny. Whoever gets Manny will win it.


  3. rockymountainway

    Bob, that’s a great look at Lincecum. I know being a Boston fan you don’t get to see him that much over in the AL but I see plenty of him in the West and I wish he was a Rocky. The guy is lights out and deserves a profile like the one you put together. Great job my man.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Lincecum is already creating a polished signature delivery. Watching him pitch is like wathcing a ledgend in the making. Barring any arm troubles down the road, he is going be a very pitcher. I can tell just from watching his pitching mechanics and the stuff he brings to the plate! Great pitcher to do a feature on! I think he will be on many more video game covers.

    I can’t wait for MLB 2010 ‘the show.’ Apparently Pedroia is on the cover. Thats good for you and other Red Sox fans.

  5. scofid

    I agree with you about Tim Lincecum. You’re right! He is a very special talent. I lived in the Bay Area when he first came up with the Giants and you knew that there was something special about him. He doesn’t “look” great in terms of physical size, but clearly he is great and should have a long and successful career for the Giants. Excellent post!


  6. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- Thanks I will have to find that video
    Tom- Thanks I kind of wish we got to see him more. We would light up his ERA every game. 🙂
    Homer- I can’t wait for it either. Thanks for the visit.
    Scott- Thanks. I wish I got to see him pitch coming up. Thanks for the visit.


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