Abreu the Angel

I have had it with steroids in baseball. Sure Miguel Tejada didn’t take steroids but he lied about them. From now on the word steroid is banned on this blog unless we are making fun of the Yankees or that the one in a billion chance that David Ortiz took steroids becomes true.

Bobby Abreu
Today outfielder Bobby Abreu signed a one year five million dollar contract. The deal also includes incentives. This deal is a perfect example of the effect the economy is having on baseball. It seemed like yesterday he was getting twenty million! The deal is still pending a physical though. Abreu turns 35 in March will lead an already talented batting order with Torri Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero. The other five outfielders Hunter, Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr., Reggie Willits, and Juan Rivera (who mostly plays D.H.) are all righties and Abreu is a lefty. Last season with the Yankees Abreu hit .296 with twenty home runs, 100 RBI’s, 22 stolen bases, 180 hits, and a .984 fielding percentage. Abreu has played thirteen major league seasons with the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Yankees. In his carer Abreu has batted .300 with 241 home runs, 1,084 RBI’s, 1,946 hits, 318 stolen bases, and a .984 fielding percentage. Abreu mostly plays right field and Vladimir Guerrero is currently the right-fielder. Abreu will most likely move to left making Reggie Willits sit on the bench. Abreu is a two time all-star won a 2005 Golden Glove, the 2005 Home Run Derby (pictured), and a Silver Slugger in 2004. In the Home Run Derby he hit 24 home runs in the first round a record that was broken by Josh Hamilton (28) at Yankee Stadium in 2008. Hamilton though did not win because he lost to Justin Morneau of the Twins in the finals. Abreu hit six home runs in the semis and hit eleven out of the park in the finals. This is going to be a good move by the Angels who I think with this move are the favorites in the A.L. West over the Oakland A’s. The A’s signed Jason Giambi who took ste****** (hey I’m serious about what I said ay the top) back when he played with the A’s before. They also traded for outfielder Matt Holiday this offseason.
Could Bobby Abreu don Yankee pinstripes by the season's end.
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  1. Afternoon Angel

    Very, Very Happy today…
    The loser in this deal is probably Juan Rivera who would have gotten more playing time in left. It’s too bad for him since he worked so hard to recover from a broken leg two years ago. Gary Matthews Jr will probably sit more too.
    GO HALOS!!!!

  2. bigpapi72

    Caroline- So am I
    Julia- I agree along with Hunter it would be great
    A.A.- Thanks for the visit. Rivera shouldn’t be upset to much I mean he still starts at D.H.
    Elizabeth- Dunn is getting 20 million over 2 years I think.


  3. Darion

    Man the Braves had a rough day when Abreu and Dunn signed with different teams. Abreu going to the Angels was not something I expected, but I knew that Dunn would eventually sign with the Nats. Looks like Swisher is probably headed to Atlanta via trade, unless we decide to move Kelly back to the outfield.

  4. bigpapi72

    Darion- Swisher will probably go to the Braves the Yankees don’t want or need him at all now.
    Tyco- Matsui just gets hurt a lot. He isn’t THAT bad.


  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Bob …

    Signing Bobby Abreu was a great move by the Angels !!! … And, in my view, it would have been a great move by “any” team that would have signed Abreu !!! … I think the Yankees made a “major” mistake letting Bobby Abreu just walk away from the team !!! … Right now, if Abreu was on the Yankees, he would be their best overall outfielder … Also, Abreu would be the perfect number three hitter in the Yankees lineup in 2009, giving them a solid middle of the order of: (3) Abreu; (4) A-Rod: (5) Teixeira … So, this is great news for your team, the Red Sox … The Yankees lineup is just not as powerful without Bobby Abreu !!! … Bob, nice post on Bobby Abreu; and, also, your post on Adam Dunn, which was also a great signing by the Nationals !!! … The Dodgers would have been better off signing both Abreu and Dunn, then any possible deal they plan on working out with Manny !!! … Anyway, Spring Training is here … Let’s get ready for some baseball !!! … Take care, Bob !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” … http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

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