Pitchers, Catchers, and the Rest of the Team

Today, Friday the 13th was the first full day of pitchers and catchers camp. It came just in time although it could have been earlier. Today there are two college basketball games, seven hockey games, a golf tournament, four women’s basketball games, and the 2009 Rookie Challenge. Some could argue that today is the loneliest day in the history of sports. It would be the loneliest day in sports if the NBA Rookie Challenge wasn’t today at nine P.M. eastern. I’m getting off track though. I know that all the first few days of pitchers and catchers camp is just conditioning, stretching, and throwing the ball around. The real work doesn’t start until Monday when position players report to camp. The only problem is Kevin Youkillis and Chris Carter will not arrive at camp . . . because they are already there. I think it would be kind of boring to be the only two position players (besides catchers) to be there. Like all of the drills would be mostly related to the pitchers and catchers. I’m sure they have someone else training Youk and Carter though. Everyone seems healthy or better. It looks like Brad Penny and Jon Smoltz or doing great but Mike Lowell might need a little extra time maybe till the end of spring training but he should be able to practice Monday. Josh Beckett is also looking great. When he threw yesterday he seemed like when he had his 2007 form according to reports. Jed Lowrie who got a left wrist sprain and an unknown fracture should also be ready to compete for the starting spot at shortstop. Julio Lugo also will be after recovering from a torn right quad. David Ortiz looks healed and should have a Big Papi type season smacking 40 homers out of the yard. Mark Kotsay looks to be the only Red Sox position player not ready for spring training. He underwent back surgery and looks like he will be ready in May. Another big question for the Red Sox in spring training is will Josh Bard be able to catcher knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield? I think he will. There will be a few rough spots, most of them coming in spring training but I think he will. Sure he stunk last time he tried t catch him but he saw a guy catch a knuckleballer in San Diego with the Padres and that must count for something. Spring Training is where champions are made. Prospects get called up, players meet new teammates, and baseball starts again.

P.S.- Sorry for no pictures extra ones tomorrow.


  1. juliasrants

    It is so great that the Red Sox are finally in camp! Did you know that Terry Francona was Michael Jordan’s coach when he played baseball? I just found that out for the blog I just posted on Terry. I had NO idea! It is a small world! Look forward to the extra pictures tomorrow!


  2. Elizabeth D

    Bob: Spring is here!!! it doesn’t surprise me at all that Youkilis is one of the first position players there. He is so focused and motivated. Mike Lowell and John Smoltz will have very structured training programs because of their offseason surgeries and what not. What the heck happened to Lowrie?

  3. scofid

    It’s exciting to see spring training arrive! Finally, we can start talking about baseball. I always admire those players, like Youk, who show up early. It’s a testament to their unselfish commitment to the team!


  4. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- During the playoffs Lowrie had pain in his arm. When the Red Sox were done he had a x-ray or something like that and it reveled that he had a fracture.
    Scott- I agree I’m not surprised to see them here early either. Youk just loves the game and Carter wants to make it to the bigs.


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