Well At Least Crede Isn’t Greedy

Joe Crede signed a one year $2.5 million dollar deal today. He could get an extra $4.5 million dollars if he reaches all of his incentives. In high school Crede was a pitcher. He led Fatima High School to three district championships. Later in 2006 his high school retired his number. Crede was drafted by the White Sox in the fifth round in 1996. Crede made his major league debut on September 20, 2000. Five years later he won a World Series. He was five for seventeen with two home runs against the Houston Astros in 2005. Crede has always been inconsistent. In 2004 he hit .252 and in 2007 he hit .216. In 2006 Crede won a Silver Slugger at third base hitting .283 with 94 RBI’s, 30 home runs, and 154 hits. In 2007 Crede missed a lot of time after having back surgery. In the offseason that year he signed a one year $5.15 million dollar deal avoiding arbitration. Then in 2008 Crede made his first all-star game at Yankee Stadium. He was zero for one in the game.  In 2008 Crede became a free agent after filling for free agency. It would be the first time in his carer that he would be a free agent. Crede could have gotten between seven and ten million dollars easily in a good economy. But either he wanted to earn his money or the economy just dropped his value. On second thought the economy just dropped his value. Crede’s second choice was the San Francisco Giants. The became official after Crede passed his physical. Crede is not a traitor to the White Sox. He was just looking for a job like thousands of Americans. We do not even know if the White Sox gave Crede an offer. If he had signed earlier then he would have been somewhat of a traitor. Right now no one can really be a traitor to a team unless that team gave him an offer. If Jason Varitex had signed with the Yankees before Boston gave him an offer Red Sox Nation would be mad, sad, and upset but he would have been just looking for a job and did not want to be unemployed. So while I know White Sox Nation (if there is such a thing) is sad but do not be mad. You can be upset but do not hate Crede forever like Red Sox Nation hates Manny and Damon. At least Crede is not greedy like Manny, Damon, the Yankees, and Dodgers.


Well no one is a bigger traitor then this guy . . .

That is right Benedict Arnold. See I pay attention in history class.

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  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    The White Sox didn’t make him an offer. I think part of it has to do with his back being so inconsistent since the end of 2006. The other part I’m sure has to do with his agent being Scott Boras. Our president, Jerry Reinsdorf, absolutely despises Boras. The only reason he worked with him for so long is because Crede was so good defensively and he wanted to stay. I’m sure Joe wanted to stay with us, but the Sox knew Boras would be asking a lot, and we weren’t willing to pay for it. Now, it’s highly unlikely the Sox will ever have another Boras client on our team. I could never consider Joe Crede a traitor, although I’m sure there are some fans who will. It just hurts to see him with a division rival. His batting will probably be relatively inconsistent again, but if he’s healthy, his defense will be amazing like it’s always been.

  2. Elizabeth D

    Clever title, I like the rhyme :). I learned about Benedict Arnold too, but we literally spent less than a minute on him. We had more important stuff to cover (apparently). I agree with you on the fact that he’s not a traitor– it’s a bad economy. What can you do?

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