Thirty Runs in Two Games Equals Two Wins

Congrats to Ken over at How About Dem O’s, Hun for getting the answer to Friday’s trivia. The question was, “Who played on the most losing all-star teams (15)?” The answer was Brooks Robinson.


Sorry I was not able to post yesterday. I had a baseball game. We were losing twelve to zero going into the sixth and we just did not want to be shutout. We scored ten runs in the sixth but then one of my teammates struck out with the bases loaded. So dude if your reading this good try, the pitcher was pretty good. It was just a practice game so do not be upset.

Today the Red Sox finally got their first real win in Spring Training yesterday. They also beat the Northeastern University Huskies. 

File:NortheasternHuskies.png vs. File:BostonRedSox CapLogo.svg

The main three batters at the game were Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis. Jacoby Ellsbury had a nice day at the plate hitting a triple and knocking in a RBI. He also scored a run and walked once. The MVP also had a good day going one for two with a run, base on balls, and a stolen base. Youk had the worst day of the three main guys going one for three with a strikeout and one RBI. The three main batters contributed for five runs. Lars Anderson had big shoes to fill when he started the game as the D.H. He ended up having three walks and two runs. Jed Lowrie gave yet another strong performance showing that he should be the starting shortstop instead of Julio Lugo going one for two with a double, two runs, three RBI’s, and a strikeout. Josh Bard went one for three with a home run, one RBI, one run, and one walk. Zach Daeges went on
e for two with a double, two runs, and a walk. Josh Reddick went one for three with a double, one run, one RBI, one walk, and one strikeout. Boston also had great pitching. The starter of the game, Kris Johnson went two innings with three strikeouts giving up one hit. After him Dustin Richardson went in a threw one inning with two strikeouts. Then we got to see Junichi Tazawa. He did good in two innings of work striking out four while walking one. After that Felix Doubront ended the game with two innings of work giving up one hit while getting three strikeouts. The player of the game was Angel Chavez. Batting from the sixth spot he hit a two run homer and a grand slam. He also had six RBI’s and two runs in three at-bats for the Red Sox. The Huskies had only two hits all game. One was a triple by David Gustafson and the other was a single by James Donaldson. I feel sorry for Huskies pitcher J.T. Ross who has an ERA of 94.50 in the game. The game was called after seven innings and the Red Sox one fourteen to zero. 

Cincinnati Reds Logo - Reds player with baseball head running in front of red C


Boston Red Sox Logo - A pair of red socks on a baseball in a circle

What I can’t go retro from time to time.


Then Boston played its other game of the day against the Cincinnati Reds. This was the first real win for the Red Sox in Spring Training. They lost to the Twins, Pirates, and Rays before winning today. After Jed Lowrie’s good day Julio Lugo had a good day going two for three with a  sacrifice fly, one RBI, a strikeout, and two runs. Brad Wilkerson had another fine day at the plate going two for four with a home run, a double, two runs, two RBI’s, and a strikeout. Big Papi was zero for one with two walks. Jeff Bailey later pinched hit for Ortiz and went zero for two with one run, one RBI, and one walk. J.D. Drew went two for three with a double, two runs, and one RBI. J-Bay was two for two with a double, three runs, one RBI, and two walks. Then the captain stepped up to the plate. Varitek was one for three with a double, a sacrifice fly, and four RBI’s. Varitek left the game and George Kottaras went one for two with one RBI. Chris Carter was three for five with a double, one run, one RBI, and a strikeout. Nick Green was two for four with one run, one RBI, and a strikeout. Gil Velazquez was two for four with a double, one RBI, and one walk. Clay Buchholz was the winning pitcher tossing two innings with one strikeout only giving up one hit. The rest of the pitchers gave up less then three hits and know one gave up more then two earned runs. Nick Massett was the losing pitcher for the Reds throwing one inning giving up four hits and four runs. These were two fantastic games. We saw home runs, prospects, veterans, doubles, two wins, two blowouts, and maybe the next Dustin Pedroia from Northeastern.


All right here is today’s trivia. This is a two part question. Which team won the championship of the Player’s League in 1890, its only season. To get the question right you must know the city and the team name.

Hint- The city is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

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  1. bigpapi72

    Orangebird- I don’t like it that much just because some of the logos are to big.
    Julia- Yes it was.
    Melissa- I stopped paying much attention after they had such a huge lead too.
    Darion- I know! Small ball can win games. Thanks for the visit!
    Johnny- Yes he is.


  2. bigpapi72

    Elizabeth- They were great!
    Happy- Yah and the Red Sox would win in 4!
    Julia- Thanks
    Tom- Thanks. In our first game a grounded out for the last out and they did have my back.


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