Fantasy Baseball Help Tip- 3

Congrats to Kaybee for getting the answer right to “Who was nicked named Bow Wow.” The answer was Hank Arft. Todays question is below.


Go Back And Forth

When drafting for fantasy baseball do not use your first five picks on pitchers or sluggers. You might want the best pitching team in the whole league but do not try to get it. Draft a pitcher then a slugger. This way you will get a perfectly balanced team. After your first ten picks when you have all of your starters do not go straight to the bullpen. I would suggest picking a slugger two rounds in a row then getting your closer. After that finish off most of your team except two or three guys and draft a bullpen guy. If you drafted all nine of your position players with your first nine picks; A, your not balanced at all and B, your team will stink. If you do not want to listen to me be my guest. I do not care and I am sure every one in your league will not care. Lets say you do pick all five of your starters with your first five picks. Sure you might have a rotation of Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Dan Haren, and James Shields you would have Aubrey Huff at first and not Ryan Howard. You would have Carlos Guillen in left and not Matt Holiday. See now if you we balanced you would have Tim Lincecum as your number one ace and Russell Martin at catcher. You could get Chase Utley and Roy Oswalt! You could even get Albert Pujols and Dice-K! The big question is who do your start with in the order? Do you go pitcher then slugger or slugger then pitcher? You could go ahead and get Tim Lincecum with your first pick and not Ryan Braun. That choice is up for you to make. You have to decide do I want to have slightly better offense or slightly better pitching. For me it would be pitching. If you believe in small ball stuff then maybe you want a pitcher. If you believe in hitting a billion home runs then draft a slugger. As for getting your closer in the thirteenth round do not sweet it. I think Brian Wilson is the thirteenth best closer in baseball and he saved 41 games last year! Then I think the fifteenth best closer is George Sherrill who was an all-star last season. In fantasy baseball you need a balanced team to succeed and I think this is the formula for success! If you follow this you could will win this . . .

or this

Ferrari F430

or even this

Okay you probably will not win anything besides bragging rights but you get my idea.


All right today’s question is “Who was the first major leaguer to leave twelve runners on base in one game?”






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