The Obvious Finally Happens

Stumped you guys yet again. The question was Who was the first major leaguer to leave 12 runners on base in one game? The answer was Glenn Beckert. Today’s question is below.

***************************************************************************************************Yes, this long standoff between Manny Ramirez and the Los Angeles Dodgers has finally ended. Manny signed a two year $45 million dollar deal. The deal includes a player option for 2010.  This was a win a lose for Manny. The win was that he had a player option. If say next year the economy gets better and teams get their trust in him back he could go out and sign a HUGE deal with a team. The lose for Manny is the fact that it took so long and he is getting paid a lot less then he originally wanted. The I guess shocking part of this whole deal is if Manny had not acted up and faking injuries he would have resigned with the Red Sox and Boston would have never seen Jason Bay. Manny did act up and thats life. No one fan can control the fact that he is selfish, greedy, and a loser. He also chose another greedy guy as his agent, Scott Boras. Boras is the greediest guy you will ever hear about. The worst part about that is most players have Boras as their agent. Boras just has the magic evil touch. If your worth ten million dollars and you want fifteen million dollars 99% of the time he will get you that fifteen million. Manny will be the sixth highest payed player ever. Only Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, C.C. Sabathia, Johan Santana, and Mark Teixeira have agreed to high contracts. A-Roid has signed the second and third highest paid contracts while Manny is also ninth on the list. Manny will lead a talented Dodger outfield in left with Matt Kemp in center, Andre Ethier in right, and Juan Pierre as the forth outfielder. Last season Manny batted .332 with 37 home runs, 121 RBI’s, 74 hits, and had three stolen bases. Manny also had a .979 fielding percentage with only three errors. Do not worry that surprised me to. Manny also has good carer stats. He has hit .314 with 527 home runs, 2,392 hits, 1,725 RBI’s, and 37 stolen bases. Manny is a twelve time all-star who has also won nine Silver Sluggers, two Hank Aaron awards, a two time World Series champion, and in 2004 was the World Series MVP. It is amazing how time can change. Like I said before if Manny had not acted up and faked injuries he would have resigned with the Red Sox. Now win he was with the Red Sox he was my favorite player. He was so awesome. I mean the dreadlocks and all. He seemed he would hit a home runs every time I watched a game. In 2004 I was ecstatic for him almost as much as I was ecstatic for David Ortiz that season. In 2007 he was not my favorite Red Sox player (Big Papi became my first) but he rocked. Then in 2008 he still was awesome. When he started acting up and stuff I kept saying to myself everything is fine. Then when the trade rumors popped up I said their just saying that so Manny might stop. Right before Manny was traded I had bought a new Manny Ramirez T-shirt. I only wore it once and since then I have never worn it again. Manny used to be my idol now he is kind of my enemy.

Manny Ramirez MVP Photo

Manny Ramirez -

Manny Ramirez, Baseball, Cleveland Indians


All right today’s question is Which pitcher holds the major league record for most grad slams allowed (10)?

Hint- This player played for the Mets and is still involved in baseball today






  1. xcicix

    I remember when Manny played for the Indians!! My cousin from Ohio LOVED him. But Jim Thome was always his favorite…my sister and I would trade all our Jim Thome cards for Scott Brosius and Mariano Rivera…that was a LONG time ago!!!! Manny is kind of my enemy too.
    And my parents said Manny acted up when he was in high school and was always in the papers for doing something wrong…yes, Manny is from my hometown. Who’s the player you hate the most from your hometown???

  2. bigpapi72

    *Kaybee- So am I.
    *Julia- Thanks
    *Orangebird- Yep Palmer never allowed a grad slam
    *Roundrock15- I only know one but I’ll look into that.
    *King of Cali- Yes it was!
    *M.M.M.- I thought Garnett gets paid more then A-Roid. And he used to play with the Mets. He doesn’t today.
    *Caroline- I don’t know. Anyone from the Yankees I guess.


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