One Guy Is Out, The Other Gets A Raise

All right no one got this because no one guessed!!! Come on guys. I gave you guys another hit below.




All right this was kind of expected. Alex Rodriguez is out for six to nine weeks. Which is about two months. A-Roid will have “hybrid” surgery on his torn hip labrum. No one knows how this happened but it could have been caused by him taking steroids. I mean think of all the bad stuff steroids can do to you. They can cause liver damage, kidney damage, increase your blood pressure, and can weaken your bones. Just look at the diagram.

When you tear your hip labrum I think the femur pops out of the acetabular. I am not one hundred percent sure though. So it is possible that that steroids could have weekend the socket and the femur popped right out. Last year Mike Lowell had this. When he tried to play with it he said it was incredibly painful. So maybe Lowell called up A-Rod and said you should do the surgery. On second thought Lowell would probably never call A-Rod. 

So now the Yankees have a problem. Who will be their starting third baseman? Well they could just use what they have right now. Cody Ransom is very promising. In 43 at bats he hit four home runs last year. Angel Berroa also could get the spot. Last season in 84 games with the Dodgers last year he had sixteen RBI’s and one home run. Knowing how the Yankees operate I doubt that will happen. 

Bobby Crosby

I believe that the Yankees will make a trade, maybe for Bobby Crosby. Crosby was said that he wanted a trade because he would not be the starting shortstop since the A’s signed Orlando Cabrera. Last season with Oakland he hit .237 with seven home runs, 61 RBI’s, and seven stolen bases. Crosby might like New York at first playing for the Yankees. Then though A-Rod would come back and Crosby would become a utility man. I am also not sure that Crosby can handle the New York media. He has only played six major league seasons and Oakland is a lot different then New York. 

The Yankees could also trade for Blake DeWitt. DeWitt also got pushed out of his starting spot after the Dodgers signed Orlando Hudson. Last season was DeWitt’s first and in 117 games he hit .264 with nine home runs, and 52 RBI’s. I am sure DeWitt would like more playing time but I do not think he wants to go to New York. DeWitt is only 23 years old and like Crosby he is to young to handle the media and fans in New York. I mean he might get more coverage then C.C. Sabathia. Imagine how much pressure you would have on you if you were Alex Rodriguez’s replacement.

In 2006, Mark Teahen averaged .290 in 109 games with 18 home runs, 69 runs batted in and 10 stolen bases for the Kansas City Royals before a shoulder injury ended his season in early September. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Probably the most likely trade the Yankees could would be for Mark Teahen. Teahen is mostly a right-fielder but can also play left, third, and second. That could help the Yankees a ton. Sure the Yankees already have to many outfielders but still he is a good utility player. In 2008 Teahen batted .255 with fifteen home runs, 59 RBI’s, and four stolen bases in 149 games. Teahen is about Crosby’s age and Kansas City is a lot different then New York. Still though I have seen Teahen play twice and from what I have seen on the field and in the dugout I believe he could handle the pressures in New York. I do not think it will be the best job handling the pressure gut he van deal with it.

Jon Lester

Jon Lester 2.jpg

Jon Lester apparently has agreed to a five year extension with the Red Sox. The deal is worth $30 million dollars and includes a team-option for 2014 worth $14 million dollars. The deal will become official on Tuesday when he takes his physical. This is why the Red Sox will beat the Yankees this year. Boston cares about chemistry and tries to lock up their young stars. The Yankees do not care about chemistry and if one player who has been with the team for twenty years and is a great influence in the clubhouse, then has one bad season the Yankees will trade him or let him go. Chemistry wins championships not talent. Do not believe me? Go look at team USA from 2006 and then look at this years WBC team. Yah, thats what I though. The Red Sox have signed Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis to long term deals. I love this deal. Lester is my pick to win the American League Cy Young this year. I know people are going to say I am biased but whatever. Lester just turned 25 on January seventh. He has already thrown a no-hitter, survived cancer, won a World Series, and won the 2008 Hutch Award. He also pitched one of the last shutouts at Yankee Stadium.In 2008 Lester had his breakout year going sixteen for six with 152 strikeouts and a 3.21 ERA. One thing is for sure. He has had heck of a carer already. 


All right today’s hint to the question “Who pitched the first no-hitter in baseball history under lights?” Remember that this is the whole history of baseball not just MLB. Also remember that I have know this answer my whole life. Those are some big hints. Anyway today’s hint is he has a common last name and played for the Kansas City Blues and Indianapolis Indians.

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  1. districtboy

    The Yankees probably wouldn’t do this, but maybe Melvin Mora could be in the mix. I know it would make sense for Orioles, but I’m not sure Andy MacPhail has the guts (unfortunately for O’s fans).
    A TTP:
    Melvin Mora to NYY for Addison Maruszak and Christian Garcia.
    Tell me whatcha think.


  2. Elizabeth D

    My mother doesn’t even watch baseball and she even speculated that the hip labrum could have been caused by steroids. Interesting eh? And funny comment about how Lowell probably would not call A-Rod up.
    I’m not entirely convinced that the Yanks are gonna make a trade. After all, that guy would only be serving a minimal purpose compared to the rest of the year if A-Rod is healthy.
    PS: So syked that Lester signed!

  3. jonnnnnn

    I would be shocked if the Yankees made a deal to get a third baseman. I mean A-Rod’s gonna miss a month at most, and they are deep enough to compensate. With the starting 5 they have, they should be able to go the whole season with A-Rod and still win the division. I’m thinking they just give Cody Ransom the starting job. You called Ransom “promising”, which I disagree with. He’s 33 years old, don’t you know. He’s a career .251 hitter with 7 home runs in 183 big league at bats. Not too good of numbers. But again, with guys like Mark Teixeira, Xavier Nady, Jorge Posada, and Hideki Matsui, I don’t think there will be a power outage in New York this April.

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