Rival Races And Some Off Topic Stuff

Okay so tomorrow is a big day. The Red Sox will play the Yankees for the first time this year. Tim Wakefield will be on the mound for Boston while Chien-Ming Wang will be starting for the Yankees. So far the Red Sox have gone one and one against the Rays and zero and two against the Orioles. Now Spring Training does not reflect how a team will do because most of the players are prospects. Most of the Red Sox’s prospects are very promising but it could be up to three years till we see some of them in the majors. One good things about tomorrow is David Ortiz and Jason Bay will be back. I am sure they would rather be playing with their respected countries in the World Baseball Classic but I am happy to see them back. The only bad thing is Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis will be playing for team U.S.A. I would rather see Youk and Pedroia playing for team U.S.A. then the Red Sox and I am sure they feel the same way. When you play for your country it makes you feel special. When you play for your team it is your job. It is a privilege to play for your team but even a bigger one to play for your country. After the Yankee game in the next three days the face the Orioles Saturday and Sunday then the Blue Jays Monday. Sure the Orioles are not as big rivals and same thing with the Blue Jays but I think that any team in you divison is your rival and for that matter any team in your league is your rival. I am a little sad because I will miss the game tomorrow. I will be on a plane going to France for Spring Break tomorrow morning. I am sure going to check the score as soon as we land on my Dad’s phone though. Also I am sorry If I can not be on my blog and yours the next few days. I will try though. This should be a great game. This is the first test for many young players with the Red Sox. To be with the Red Sox you must have to deal with the pressure and beat the Yankees or I guess the Rays now. The Rays are becoming more of a rival to the Red Sox because for the next few years the Yankees will be eating the Red Sox’s dust. So far in the Spring Training standings the Rays are a game and a half above the Yankees and two games over the Red Sox.

I know at time it's way to much, however both teams do usually deliver

Red Sox brawl photo of Coco Crisp and James Shields fight

Arod, Varitek, Munson, Fisk


All right tomorrow night is the deadline to answer my super hard trivia question, “Who threw the first no-hitter under lights” So far the hints are . . .

1- It could have been in any league or country.
2- I have known the answer my whole life.
3- He does not have a wikipedia page.
4- He has a common last name.
5- He played for the Kansas City Blues and the Indianapolis Indians.
6- He was in the Yankees’ and Mets’ farm system at the same time.
7- He played for two different Yankee farm system teams.
8- He stopped playing in 1935 to work on a railroad so he could make more money during the great depression.
9- He played for the Quincy Gems.
10- The league he played in was the American Association.

Today’s hints are, he has the same name as a golfer and that golfer hit a double boggy boggy on hole two in round two at the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach. 

Photo Credits
1- sawxblog.com
2- a11news.com


  1. manoman12

    Hey Bob,
    I am having a mock draft on my blog tomorrow at 7:00 and I was wondering if you would like to participate. You can let me know by leaving a comment on my blog indicating if you would like to before 6:00 PM tomorrow.

    The Manoman
    P.S. Please don’t e-mail me as I’m not an e-mail kind of guy. No offense meant. 🙂
    P.S.S. If it says you don’t have permission to comment on my blog all you have to do is sign out and sign back in

  2. manoman12

    I hope you enjoy France!!! Also, I stumbled upon a website where this achool is taking away French and the kids are protesting it at save-french.webs.com You might want to sign the petition to help the kids out.
    Enjoy France!!!
    The Manoman

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