Red Sox Nation Lands In France

All right remember that super hard trivia I did? The question was, “Who threw the first no-hitter under lights?” The correct answer was Gene Jones. Who are all probably like “who?” Well remember how I gave the hint, “I have known the answer my whole life.” That was because he was my great-grandfather! See I have baseball in my blood. *******************************************************************************************************Okay it is 11:34 AM here in France and I am really tired. Yesterday (well I think it was yesterday, I am still trying to find out the whole time change stuff) I spent ten hours on a plane and have gone to four airports in the last 24 hours!!! Anyway I promised that I would tell you about something different each day so I am going to talk about landing, driving, and well talking. We landed in New York City and just sat and talked and I started to blog but I did not have much time. We landed in Zurich, Switzerland right by the Alps. I was really pretty. I wanted to take pictures for you guys but I could not because all electronics had to be off. There were a few clouds though.  It looked sort of like the mountains were floating because you could not see the bottom from the plane. We landed and walked a little. The airport is right next to the mall. Inside the mall we saw McDonalds, Starbucks, and this Tex Mex place. This is a little of subject but I have always wondered does McDonalds sell French food in France, or is it just American food. We then got on a train. I looked out for about five minutes and saw a bunch a churches. Everyone of them was old. I am not sure how long it was because I fell asleep. I would guess about an hour though. After we got on the train we went on a bus in Geneva. As of 2007 Geneva had a population of 185,726. Later we got off the bus and found our friends we were staying with. We walked through the Euro Airport. Half of the airport was in France and half of it was in Switzerland. We then got into a rental car and drove. I saw two things. Graffiti and smokers. There was graffiti every where you went. Then there were a ton of people who smoked. I can not stand the smell of smoke. It makes me feel really sick. That did not help because I was already starving. Anyway we drove a little and started seeing houses. There were a billion yellow houses and a billion old houses. I do not now if yellow is lucky or something in France but that would be my guess. I think one of the houses had a sign out front that said built in 1943 or something like that. We drove a little more and found our friends house located in Basel, France. Basel is home to tennis star, Roger Federer. Basel is right on the border of France and Switzerland. Their house is sort of tan or cream on the outside. On the inside is what my parents called just a regular house in France. They live right next door to their family and right across the street is a red school (hint hint) with green fences around it. They do not have a baseball field. 😦 They do have a basketball court though. Anyway that was probably the least interesting thing I am going to tell you guys about so look for something tomorrow.
File:Zuerich ZunfthausMeisen St Peter.jpg 
Vue de Genève


All right today’s question is, “Who is the only person to never ground out into a double play all season long?”
Hint- This player helped turn double plays.
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