Red Sox Nation Goes Back In Time

Congrats to Johnny for guessing that Craig Biggio was the first and only player to never ground into a double play in 162 games. Today’s question is below.


I would like to start off on a baseball note. Jon Lester agreed to a new deal with Boston. 🙂 Jason Bay though will have to wait a while. 😦

All right this has nothing to do with going back in time but I am now addicted to watching the Simpson’s in French.  I think I have laughed more watching it here then watching it in America. You get the plot but every time Homer does something stupid and then yells something in French it cracks me up. It has also helped me learn a little French. I watched one episode in English coming here on the plane and watched the same one in French. I strongly recommend watching a TV show in another language. It will make you laugh, learn, and have a good time.

All right so today and yesterday we went to do some sightseeing. Yesterday we saw Riquewihr, the Hault-Koenigsbourg Castle, and went to Strausbourgh, France.

Riquewihr is a tiny village with a medieval theme to it. It has many nice little shops that sell everything from ice cream to Christmas items. There was this one ice cream stand that was so awesome! They had all kinds of ice cream. Everything from mango to creme brulee flavors. The streets are narrow, there are brick roads, and it is slanted on a hill so if you go there sometime you should wear tennis shoes. There were some interesting sights like a torture chamber and many timbered homes. It was not my favorite thing but you might like it. 

village of Riquewihr.JPG

After that we drove a little bit to Haut-Koenigsbourgh Castle. It is right on the border of France and Germany. Infact you can look over and see the Black Forest located in Germany. It was built around 1147. It has cannons hanging out of windows and a helicopter landing pad. Okay the helicopter landing pad was not there when it was first built but it was a little funny. It has some cool history. Koenigsbourgh which means King’s Castle in German. In the Thirty Years War it was damaged by Swedish troops. In World War one the French took the castle. Back then it was considered cool and fashionable to capture a castle. In 1937 it was in a few parts of from the movie The Grand Illusion. Okay I lied it does not have the most interesting history but it was pretty cool. I would recommend seeing this. We did not get the chance to go inside but if you can you should go. If you can’t that is not that bad. I would not put it number one on your list but probably tenth.

Chateau du Hait-Koenigsbourg.JPG

Today we went to Strausburg, France. We drove through Germany on the way and the drive took about 50 minutes. When we were driving in Strausburg when we were locking fo

r a parking spot we got in a traffic jam. Turns out a driver hit a pole and he could not move his car out of the way for some reason. Latter though right before we parked my sister got bit by our friends dog, Lulu on the wrist. We walked to some stores hopping the had some ice and found the Red-Cross or in French since you put adjectives before nouns it would be Cross-Red. Anyway the put a bandage on it and it was fine. We locked around then realized that all the shops were closed on Sunday so we went sight seeing. We locked up and found this.

Strasbourg Cathedrale de Notre-Dame.JPG

Pretty cool right. This is a picture of the Cathedral. Construction on the church began in 1176.  It was finished in 1439. So as you can see it took a long time. Look at the top of the building. See how there is only one steeple? That is because during construction it started to sink in mud so they were unable to build a second one. The steeple was finished in 1647. It is 472 feet high and from 1647-1874 it was the tallest building in the world. Inside it has many stain glass windows that were amazing. It had this really cool astronomical clock. I do not know exactly how it works but you can see it below as the first picture. Every fifteen minutes a little person would come out and bang a bell once for fifteen minutes, twice for thirty minutes, and three times for fourty-five minutes. At the top of the hour it would bang the bell three time followed by the hour so if it was two o’clock it would ring the bell five total times. During World War II the stain glass windows were stored in a salt mine. They were put back after the war. This is a must see sight. This was supper awesome. I mean just look at it! You can not even describe it unless you see it. It is big, detailed, and overall amazing!!!

Baptismal Fountain.JPG
main altar.JPG
When we were done we went to a parade. I am pretty sure it was a Mardi Gars Parade, which seemed odd because it was later then the ones you see on TV in New Orleans. I latter learned that different cities and countries have their parade at different times. There we a ton of marching bands playing and I do not think they were that good. To guys in costumes stole my Red Sox hat . . . they must be Yankee fans. I got a few pieces of candy from one of the floats and it tasted orange. There were guys dressed like wolves, witches, and  dolls. This was very interesting to see and I would recommend this if you every come to France on Mach 15. I got a lot of good pictures so here are a few.
Strausburg carnaval.JPG
I promise I will put up more pictures later. I do not have much time right now. Were leaving to go skiing in a little bit. If anyone has some skiing tips I would love to hear some. Thanks.
 Today’s trivia is, “Before Babe Ruth who was the all time home run king?”
Photo Credits
Thanks Mom For the Pictures


  1. johnnyk42

    wow, that is awesome that you get to see so much, I wish you the best.

    Also I think I know the question – is it Rodger Connor?

    MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old

  2. scofid

    What an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Simpsons in French would be hilarious! You’ve definitely seen some incredible places, and I’m sure there’s more to come. Enjoy and be safe!


  3. ztaknek


    Thanks for sharing! The pictures are incredible, if a bit large!

    I have a friend who lives in Paris right now and I’m sure she’s heard about all these places!

    I like your comment about the castle having a helipad!!! That must have been owned by a futurist or a prophet!! Or maybe Da Vinci convinced him it would be a good investment!

    Take care and enjoy the trip!


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